Purpose of life

What is your purpose for existing? What gives you a sense of meaning and place in the world? What fulfils you and makes you feel like there is a plan for this life or a next? I don’t have one. I’ve searched for years for something that could give me a sense of purpose. I’ve failed in my longing for it. Sometimes I feel as though I’m finally on to something, but then soon after the thing feels hollow and untrue. Have any of you found a source for pushing onwards?
Sorry this post is so existentially emo. But these questions have been the bane of my existence for a long time. Any advice?


I don’t feel anything.

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My purpose is to be content with what I have and am. To keep busy with what I want to be busy with.

I don’t know…


My purpose is to help people who are going through or who have been through sht to laugh and look for positives in the darkness, and look at memes lol :laughing:


Someone important said the purpose of life is to serve humanity. Makes sense to me. Maybe the purpose of life is to find out what the purpose of life is.


I think it’s almost a miracle if you can find your calling, because there’s so much negativity and dishonesty.


Hmm. . .

Purpose, Sometimes It Takes 5 Min.s, Sometimes A Lifetime, Keep Your Heart Safe, Discover Beauty.


life has no purpose

for me its just to continue existing

taking one day one moment at a time

since i like food n sex

i enjoy whatever tasty food if any comes my way and watch a bit of porn sometimes

but i m spiritual also and i feel the purpose of this life is to merge with the supreme in this life or thereafter


I am here to look after my family.

Once they’re gone I will not be sticking around for long - unless I get a SO who would put up with my ■■■■


The purpose of life for a single human being is to consume the resources on this planet will call Earth. Humans then get married, procreate and continue the human species through children and grandchildren. The purpose of life in microeconomic terms is to form a household which gets larger by the number of people and increase in consumption as decades pass.


My purpose is to live my life as well as posible, improving every day, learning something new every day, trying to be better.


Hmm. . .

So, You’re. . .

By. . .

And. . .

With. . .

Don’t Know What Anyone Else Thinks, But!, Looks Like You Got It All Covered Already.

Maybe Also, Find New And Exciting Ways To Begin Dreaming, And Improving On Enjoying Life?.


~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :roll_eyes: :sleeping: :roll_eyes:

My purpose is just to survive as long as possible.

I think the main purpose of life is to make more life. If we all stopped procreating then there would be no more life. And if there is no more life it can’t have a purpose because it something doesn’t exist it can’t have a purpose…

I joke about owning all the electronics (or at least all the good ones), but I think we are supposed to check out leaving the planet in as good as or better shape than we found it.


The only thing I can say is that I’m happy with the life I’m living and I feel so lucky. Are you jealous or what?
I have never had an argument in this forum and I have always been respecful. So I think I don’t deserve to be treated like this.
And yes, maybe I got it all covered already and that’s because I have worked so hard on it since I was a little girl.


If there is a purpose of life I would guess that it would be that each generation of humanity as a whole advances mankind forward. More knowledge and tech advancement with every generation, etc.

Hmm. . .

Jus So You Know, @Katherine85, My Post To You Was Out Of Kindness.

Sorry You Feel The Way You Do.

Have A Great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And Or Night.

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :roll_eyes: :sleeping: :roll_eyes:


The purpose of life is to have a purpose in life.


My purpose is to enjoy life’s gifts and to make the best out of them. To be the best version of myself and to help others.