What is the one thing that your voices want the most?

for me, my voices want to be loved. But I don’t give them any. I just don’t like them and don’t feel any love toward them. What do your voices want from you the most? Can you give it to them? Do they stop bothering you after you give it to them?

When I could hear them, they got mad when I asked them what they wanted. Also they’d ask me frequently the same thing and I’d always get stressed out and answer the same canned response, “I want a family and a business. Kids would be a plus.”

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Did they say anything to hint at what they wanted? I like my voices are perverts to me and I don’t like it at all. So that is why I assumed they wanted love. I really wish they would go away. They are very creepy female voices. They have no life.

I think they want fundamentally what every other person wants, to be entertained and loved.

The voices/people in my head have very bad luck to get stuck with me Lol. I just don’t feel the need to give them any love. I won’t even try to fake it. I get more pleasure out of throwing them under the bus then I do for being nice to them. So that is the period of where I am at right now with these so called voices/people. I am always trying to find new ways to upset them. I try not to think about the future or anything.

My voices want me to think I’m no good.

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Lion’s Mane knocked my voices out 99.9%, and gave me my sanity back, where antipsychotics were lacking (I still take APs but was able to reduce my dose safely thanks to it.)

Check out more info here:

At least two other people in the thread have had similar success.

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My voices literally worship me. It feels like they will die if they don’t get any love from me. The funny this is that I don’t give them any love at all. I trash them a lot. I even use them as a coping mechanism. Like if someone pisses me off in the real world I can use the voices as simulated humans to take my anger out on until I feel all calm and better. The voices will then say something like “I feel dead inside.” But the good thing is that these voices aren’t real people. So it is kind of okay. Like a secret.

Your voices sound like how I would treat children. I have no ability with children.

You can say whatever you want to the voices. And yea treat them like kids if you want. It just rolls off their back. But every once and while I hurt them so badly that they stay quiet for a couple of hours.

My voices want me dead and cause me alot of torment to achieve this.

My “voices” want me to be virtuous most of all. And musical.


Wow. You need to put them in their place. They need to regret what they are saying.

That is good I guess. Mine are desperate for my approval. It gets kind of annoying most of the time.

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They are invisible and cause great psychological pain what can i do.

My voices don’t apparently want anything from me. They put me down, frighten me and cause a lot of distraction. I do my best to ignore them. Thankfully my medication has meant that i very rarely hear them anymore.


My head on a silver fu-cking plate. They want me dead.


My voices want me to join the provisional IRA or else be faced with having another psychotic break. They don’t bark commands or insults it’s all just about joining or they’ll make me go insane

Same. Or to watch me go from relaxed to being dangled over the pits of hell

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My “voice” most of all demands that I be virtuous according to the Bible. It’s a bind for me because I am a lesbian and I have a female friend that I would like to be in a sexual relationship with and can’t because my “voice” won’t let me. This has been going on for years and years.

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