What is the one thing that your voices want the most?

If d voices r demons they want u not to talk what they tell u aloud to others. Think of the voices as talking animals they can speak but don’t understand what they r saying ! So think the voices r a song of an animal words r meaningless the noise has meaning example: turn on the light at night am a lizard on the wall I want to eat insects. Or am in your dog I want to go I bark out with u in voices, go from here ! That’s night am d boss! What ! And it repeats what u say sarcastically adding , adding help mom ! To provoke u Satan was a Snake in one they r now in humans

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The voice kept telling me that I need to go study abroad. When I ask if he could help me to go and settle, he said I should do it by myself. I heard this like almost 100 times even though my psychotic episode lasted not too long. But I didn’t believe and didn’t put any meanings on this.

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Mine want nothing more than to destroy my peace and tear away at every part of my existence.

I end up no matter how good I feel, postive I’m thinking and focused I end up feeling drained. This energy that seems perverse and dirty sexually comes over me. Sex is the last thing on my mind.

My voices start calling me homosexual (as I always say I am not and never have felt inside that I was) and smearing my thoughts to sound gross or angry.

As a guy I know how to carry my own weight and help others with weight but this perverted energy that is being triggered or pulled into these types of situations is what is making me sick.

It’s very grimy and I feel roped into things that I’m not even aware of.

I feel like I’ve grown to accept these things too much because of fear of feeling hung out to dry or to deal with hate from the ones doing it. But idk who they are and I cant go around mad at everyone.

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My voices want me to give up

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Dont give up. But make sure you’re on the path you wanna be on with the right mindset. If youre second guessing yourself and your own intentions then thatleaves them room to cause you problems.

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My voices are government psychologists, Most of all they want me too be healthy, I feel that they love me with the way that they talk to me, they do the good cop bad cop routine but all in all they’re there to help me

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I don’t think hallucinations are capable of wanting anything. I do get commands, like “go outside and wander around.” I either ignore it or tell the voice to go screw itself. The voice also repeated “get off the plane” about fifty times while I was aboard a plane flying from DC to Atlanta. That was a hard one to work through.

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I had a tough time on a plane once too. I had two voices telling me to get off the plane before it took off

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My voices want me to die. They have been getting quite negative lately.
However, there are few voices in my head that are okay and nice. But they rarely appear to me.

Usually they want me to stop crying.


My voices want to pretend mainly in an adult manner.

They command me to kill and to be killed

sounds like your ‘id’ or flesh

Only got my inner voice nowadays and it usually wants me to talk.

My voice seems to want me to harm myself, to sacrifice myself, but it warns me of people and warns me of anything harmful

Ha ha ha with d pillow?

Talk on but don’t lose focus on reality when a normal what’s to talk don’t zone out on them into virtual reality its a subconscious day dream.

Look at it as a dream u r the star in control eg: that is not !it it is this whit I say! O boy the dream becomes a nightmare what to do ? Well make the voices the star. Eg: yes!!! U give me a good point I will implement you said say Sanford forget and real people will forget yes that will stop the voice thank you!!! That how u deal with does voices when it wants your job to be the star!

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I usually feel like I dont have anything good to say though. So I’m not speaking that much.

I don’t hear voices but I think to/ about mysely pretty much these ssme thoughts.