What is the most slap worthy thing a doctor has said to you regarding your mental illness

Recently my doctor of three years left my practice. She was a wonderful and understanding doctor who treated me very well.

I was given a new younger doctor. I thought his age could be a good factor in him understanding mental illness… I was wrong.

On my first appointment he asked with amusement the strangest things I have seen… his lip was turned in a slight smile. Like it was all a bit of fun for him.

The last time I saw him he asked me “What have you done to yourself to end up here at 28.” Ie: Schizoaffective at 28. He also told me that my psychiatrist of three years had left the centre she worked for and that I would have to locate her for a private referral if I wanted to see her… and that my mental health nurse was unable to help me unless it’s about a severe mental illness. He then went over my file again before giving me my medications.

There was more to it… but even writing it out is exhausting me…

Anyone else have these kinds of experiences to share?

This doctor genuinely made me feel like I was to blame for this… and I really don’t want to go back. I don’t really want to take my meds… I feel like I took two years of steps back.

Sorry for rambling… my mind is really fragmented today.


Don’t let this bad experience with this doctor stop you from taking your meds!


Can you see a new doctor?
Please continue to take your meds.
Don’t let this idiot discourage you!


Thanks mate. Trying not to give up… I have taken my medication for 6 years. I stopped for a little while wanting to have a family but it’s been too hard to achieve at the moment.

It’s really hard… the dr seems annoyed when I ask for medication… but they are the meds I have been on for a long time. He doesn’t seem to believe this can just happen to someone without them doing something to cause it… and now I’m scared if I change doctors again I will look like I am doctor shopping and getting my meds will be harder again.

What I would give to have my old GP back.

Anyone else had this kind of stuff happen with their doctors?

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I’ve lost track…:thinking:

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I hate my doctor. I even complained about them to the clinic. But I can’t switch. I have to keep going back.

And for my health I keep going back.

More importantly I keep taking my meds.

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Sorry. I thought it was your psychiatrist. You should be able to change a gp quite easily.


Nods I do take medication… 20mg Olanzipine, 1200mg Sodium Valporate, 5mg Diazepam. but I’m scared of going back and seeing the same doctor once I get to the end of this script. Knowing myself I eventually won’t be able to get out my door to go see the General Practitioner because of anxiety.

I think tracking down my Psychiatrist and finding a doctor through her may be the best way. Too bad no one will tell me where she went.

Wanted to see if anyone had a similar lack of understanding from their Doctors. Sorry if this is the wrong place for it <3

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lol I lost both… my GP moved to a city and my psychiatrist has apparently moved clinics… So I am really lost.

So who’s this guy a gp or a psychiatrist? Im confused :confused: sorry.

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I hate that.

The money and ability to get a medical degree does not mean you are necessarily qualified to be a doctor,

You know what I mean?

Once I was seeing a doctor temporarily while my real doctor was over seas. This guy was older, and I could tell he was asking me about specific symptoms (intrusive thoughts) in hopes of getting some sex related answers. It was super weird.

After awhile he asked me how I was sleeping, I said terrible, as usual. He asked why, as if he didn’t freaking know, and I said because I’m scared all the time.

He noted my wedding/engagement rings and said “if you can’t sleep well at night with a big, strong man next to you, nothing is going to work”.

I asked for my prescriptions and walked out, just to stunned to be like “what the ■■■■ was that?”

Lots of ridiculous doctor experiences, some a lot more infuriating than that.

They are human, and humans suck sometimes.

I hope you can find a new doctor,

Or maybe he was having an off day and he’s not really that much of a jackass.


He may not have been a psychiatist at all.I know some places, like county hospitals, will put any type of doctor in the psychiatric department to issue meds, even a D.O.

If it is at all tax subsidized, exspect a hard time. Just get the meds you need and zoom out of there.


He wasn’t a doctor, but my last therapist was an idiot. After telling him something I think about and wanted advice on, he just looked dumbfounded and said this: “in all my years of practice, after working with literally hundreds of patients, I’ve never heard anything like that before…ever.” And that’s all he said. Awkward silence.
What a moron.


I’m sorry I am a little all over the place today. My new GP is who I originally wrote about. He is a new doctor to me. I had to go to him after seeing a team for three years including a nice GP, Psychiatrist and a mental health nurse.

I had a whole support team. Recently my original GP left… my Psychiatrist also left the clinic I used to do Skype sessions through and my Mental Health Nurse is no longer funded for anything but acute mental health issues… which I have but my new GP doesn’t seem to believe I fit into…

Ok, if he’s just a gp then he’s just an idiot who doesn’t understand mental illness. Google is your friend. Find another gp.


Thank you guys. I don’t have many people to talk to about this at the moment. It felt good to get it out of my head… Even if it took me a while to explain what was going on.

Thanks for the shared experience everyone. kind of reassuring that it isn’t just me.



oh …that(budget cut). i certainly unerstand that. In the old place i lived, they would give services to no one who was not court ordered.

Did not matter if there were hallucinations, delusions, etc… The mental health center there was not really open to public, but more of an extension of the justice system.


It’s funny you say that… I am seeing very similar things happening in my area. I live in a rural town in NSW… so many services have been cut. My doctor said funding had changed but wouldn’t really explain how… he also said only acute cases will be seen to.

Do you have any idea when the changes took place?

Seems they are setting people up for failure here.

i dont know where nsw is (or what it stands for). i live in southern usa. It has been this way, in my state, for years. if your in the usa there has been major buget cuts all over.

It does not make any sense.

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My doctor once said “I got better LSD than you did. I got that pure stuff…I wouldn’t do anything on the streets today”