Alone with the Psychiatrist

What was the most funny/weird/crazy thing you ever told a psychiatrist ?

The stuff I have said are too freakin embarrassing to post here =(

Once I had an Asian doctor and I scolded him for sending me secret messages through the car radio ;(


Are you a furry?

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What’s a furry? Never mind, I just Googled it.

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When I was 19 I told my first therapist that I wanted to have sex with her, lol. Gimmee a break people, she was just so cute and so young and so nice.

She was so sweet. I saw her for about 4 to 6 months but I always came into her office cheery and talkative. I never told her what was really going on with me, I just chatted about baseball or some other stupid things. I remember after 6 months a meeting was held with my therapist, my parents, me and the head psychiatrist at the clinic. After we talked for 10 minutes the psychiatrist told my parents that I needed to be put in my first psyche ward. When he said that my therapist started crying. I was such a good actor that she had no idea that I was really, really, sick. I think she felt it was all her fault. I don’t blame her for my hospitalization at all. It would have happened eventually no matter who I was seeing. She felt really, really, bad for me. She was always nice to me and now that I think about it, I think she really liked me.

It’s only been 37 years since I’ve seen her. Maybe, I’ll look her up and tell her the offer still stands.


Same I don’t let my psychiatrist have all the info cuz it’s embarrassing

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In the mental institute I told the staff who were messing with me that they were jews and trying to entrap me in socialism, then my handicapped roommate started exposing himself to me because I supported donald trump and I thought I was going to have to beat him up, but they ended up drugging him out of his mind and putting him in a diaper. They refused to transfer me to another room. They put me in the handicapped room as punishment because I met a girl I liked and went in her room by 3 inches.

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I googled it too and still dont get it very well :thinking:

I told a trainee nurse her shirt :womans_clothes: was unhygienic as it could only be washed at 40degC and we had had d&v on the ward. So no visitors… Anyway apparently she said she washed it at 60, not that I believed her…

I freaking choked on what I was eating… That’s just gold. It sounds like she did really like you, especially considering she cried about your first hospitalization. I can’t imagine many therapists taking that very well. She sounds really nice indeed… Rare.

My memory isn’t the best, and I never admitted a good deal to the few psychologists I did see, but I vaguely remember telling the last one that upon my death, I was going to merge and become one with the main demon in my head, and purge Earth of all life – humans, plants, animals, everything. Just burn it all to dust. Probably the “craziest” thing I ever admitted, but certainly never thought.

I more clearly remember “him” possessing me one time, and speaking through me, though not quite sure what he said. I guess my psychologist told my dad that most typical professionals would’ve Baker Acted me for some of the stuff I did and said. Good thing I wasn’t seeing anyone who would’ve. Hospitals and I have a tendency to clash. I’m still not sure why he himself didn’t. He was alternative, so… maybe that has something to do with it. He didn’t even believe in medication.

In group therapy there was a nurse who had the unfortunate habit of picking her nose and eating it even in groups. We were having group one day and she was going at it I thought I would be helpful and I blurted out in front of ten people, “You know, people would like you better if you didn’t pick your nose and eat it”. Everybody heard it but no one blinked and everybody pretended that nothing had happened. I chuckle to myself about this when I think about it every now and then.


I guess I should really be glad that I only talk to myself =) It could be ALOT worse

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I haven’t really said anything that I haven’t said on here. Probably the craziest thing I said was that I think I am God in the real world and that what I am in right now is the fake world where everyone is acting and I am being studied. He never argued with me. He said that he could not definitively say that I was speaking an untruth because that was impossible but he did say that he was not ‘consciously’ aware of being an actor in any fake reality. He was always very respectful and kind.

He is gone now. I miss him.