What is the most confusing part about’sz’?

To me it’s the fact people expect you to be sad or depressed. I’m literally doing the same exact thing as before I had. I sometimes wonder why anyone would be sad or depressed. I’m relaxed, chilling and dare I say happy. I know being happy is blasphemy to most people regarding sz and even sz people. You just gotta drop societal pressures and pressures you put on yourself. I’m happier than before I had sz. I was in a marriage. It was like I was alive but dead. Now I’m free and living my best life. It’s really not that bad. All people have challenges. This is ours and again blasphemy very liberating. It’s not lying to myself or being fake. It takes adaptability and mindset. Shift your mindset, be positive, drop pressures and be ■■■■■■■ happy. Period.


Sounds like a good attitude to have.

I don’t really get sad or depressed much either. I’m mostly just “blah” or “flat”. Emotionless and mostly joyless. Although, I think I am slowly getting better in this area as time goes on.

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Learning to have such a distrust of my senses that I blatantly ignore input.

Hear someone calling my name? I hear that 20 times a day, why should it be real this time?

Smell something burning? Probably just my brain being weird, no need to alarm anyone.

Food tastes spoiled? Suck it up and eat it, it’s probably a hallucination again.

I wished my schizophrenia and it’s psychosis ended with just hearing and seeing things.

To me the illness is intertwined with depression and trauma and getting my stuff back together.

Yea. That seems tough.

Being on the fence with my “unusual thoughts”. I don’t really trust that they are just in my head. Too believable.

For me, being completely in psychosis, which leaves me confused about just about anything I think about.

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Wondering if I’m really ill or faking it. Lack of insight.

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The most confusing part is no one knowing exactly what it is, what causes it, and how to treat it. My life is completely different and limited to who I was before sz, im glad you feel like you’re as good or better than before sz, but that’s not everyone’s experience.

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The most confusing part is what actually did and what didn’t contribute to my psychosis

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Yea the most confusing part is how its caused, how did I end up with sz genes and environmental triggers.

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The most confusing part about schizophrenia is not knowing what to do after being diagnosed.


Also telling people who suffer from depression to just “be happy” is lame.

So true. When I came out of the hospital where I was in a secure sort of environment with the nurses, all of a sudden I was all alone. At first.

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Comparing yourself to other people with schizophrenia.

Sounds like the beginning of insight development which is a major milestone on the path to wellness

I’m confused by the trauma aspect.

What do you mean?

idk, any host of reasons.

why do you ask? you don’t think trauma can bring onset, then, or now, or later.

I’m positive that hot girl just winked at me.