What is the difference between psychosis and schizophrenia

what is the difference?

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Psychosis can be caused by many things. When it’s continuous and they rule out other causes, it’s usually called schizophrenia.

with schizophrenia you got psychotic periods for long time but you can have psychosis with other illnesses too. I think the diagnosis changes for how long and often you got psychotic.

to any other posters can you enlighten me on what the difference is between psychosis and sz…what are the differences?

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Psychosis is when you go out of control. Lost awareness of reality. It can happen in many illness and also it can come under shocking events even to normal people.

Schizophrenia is a chronic condition which can include positive, negative and cognitive symptoms. Psychosis can occur in it. But it usually resolves after some time.


I look at psychosis as like a period. When one is delusional/hallucinating etc.
Where as schizophrenia is a long term illness where the patient experiences hallucinations/delusions etc.
And as others said - people can have psychosis without schizophrenia. So they aren’t synonyms.

I think psychosis can be a symptom of various things but schizophrenia is a permanent disorder that has psychosis as one of its main symptoms.

schizophrenia is psychosis for a certain amount of time. There is different names for how long and often you are psychotic.


It depends on your dr. I was diagnosed psychosis nos the first 5 years until I quit my meds and relapsed. My dr told me before stopping my meds that if I relapse without meds it will be changed to sz. After they put me on meds again my diagnosis changed to sz. I don’t really see a difference between psychosis nos and sz.