Anyone here have experience with amuilspride

its okay if no one knows.its a european drug anyways.most americans not gona know it.i just wana know if anyone else here takes it.

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I take it :slight_smile: I’m on a low dose

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I’ve taken amisulpride, and I’m currently on the very similar drug sulpiride. These are probably the two antipsychotics I’ve taken that have the least adverse effects – in fact, I have noticed none, but I have little experience with high doses.



I have been on Amisulpride 800mg for three years.

My psychosis was hard to treat, and this was the 6th drug I had tried.

It works great, I am really happy with it.

No weight gain (I have lost weight), no sedation but I can still sleep ok without taking my PRN Nozinan.

Only problem is raised prolactin, but it’s not at dangerous levels yet.

If you’re monitored, it’s absolutely fine to take.

I highly rate this drug, and even though it’s different person by person, I’d say give it a go.

Drugs that I tried before were Olanzapine, Haldol, Abilify, Latuda, Risperidone etc

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I have been taking Amisulpride for 7 years. Now I take Olanzapine 5mg+ Amisulpride 100mg daily. Amisulpride is a good antipsychotics except for its raising high prolactin. High prolactin caused osteoprosis and sciatic pain to my body. My Pdoc gives me Bromocriptin to combat high prolactin level. hope my experience is useful to you.

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I’ve taken amisulpride for seven years too and it’s an excellent med.

I’m on 400mg along with lamotrigine 200mg and citalopram 20mg

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how low is your dose i take 200 mg,is that high

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is that twice a day? i take 100 twice a day, its a good dose, how are you on it?

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yeah im good on it.feel a bit heavy on it.i dont know honestly.

yeah 100mg in the morning and 100mg in the afternoon.

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I take one in morning and the other at night before bed,

its not bad,best one i tried.the other ones i didnt really like.respiridone,abilify,zyprexa knocked me out

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i think its a good med, I was a zombie on risperidal and abilify made me batshit

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yeah maybe i should take it at night.i do sometimes though.just in case.usually in hot summer.i cant fall sleep so i take it at night.

yeah its weird.when i take solian in the morning i feel drowsy.but if i take in the afternoon i dont feel anything from it,dont feel drowsy from it.

maybe talk to your dr about it if you need to adjust it, idk, i was taking it same as you on a lower dose (trying to stop with drs orders) before i was taking it at morning and tea time but now after a mini relapse i feel better even though they increased my dose and i take it when i wake and before bed now

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