What is taurine and how can it improve psychosis?

A compound found in many foods and energy drinks can decrease symptoms of depression and psychosis, which is where the person loses contact with reality.

In our recent study, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, we tested whether supplementing standard treatment with taurine would improve cognition and other mental health symptoms in young people who had experienced their first psychotic episode.

A psychotic episode is an episode of psychosis, an umbrella term that represents a range of severe mental health symptoms. The most notable is a loss of contact with reality where someone perceives things that are not real (known as hallucinations) or holds beliefs not based in reality (known as delusions).

Our results showed people given taurine had significantly improved overall mental health symptoms, including those of psychosis, compared to those given placebo. People given taurine also showed improvement in depression symptoms and overall social and occupational functioning.

People experiencing psychosis commonly have impairments in cognitive function including reduced concentration, memory, and problem solving ability. We found no difference in cognitive function between the group given taurine and placebo.

But taurine was found to be both safe and well tolerated.

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Taurine is utilized in a process called modulation. It wakes up neurons that the brain thinks “might” be needed in a sort of extended web-work kind of way. The “get ready to fire” messenger chemical.

Having a good about of taurine in the system could probably be tied to one feel more like oneself or more wholsomely connected to more experiences and thoughts at once. In that wholesomeness we might lose sight of the momentary state that depression is when it’s extended to be all we are.

That second bit there is just my speculation.

I was afraid of taurine for a while, but it’s a naturally occurring chemical in the brain and a byproduct of a very common amino acid cysteine. You get it from most protein sources.

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I bought taurine a few months ago from Swanson. It was cheap and I found it relaxing.

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