What is more important, chemistry or similar values?

In a relationship. And why?

I won’t judge.

Just curious to see some honest responses.

You can only choose one of these for your next relationship… Imagine…

Chemistry. I don’t think I would want to date myself. By that I mean someone who is exactly like me.

Common interests and values and goals > chemistry = long term relationship

Chemistry > No common interests and values and goals = short term relationship

This is my unscientific point of view.
PS. I think some chemistry needs to start a relationship.


@Kxev nailed it. That’s exactly what I think, from experience.


@everhopeful i only been in 2 relationships.
the first one was based on only chemistry.
Things didn’t go well when the chemistry goes away.


What are some example of similar values? Like political or religious beliefs?

I think you can develope common interests.

I think the most important thing in a lasting relationship is mutual interest in each other. I’d imagine after 10 years there is a different sort of almost complacent type of affection but for a relationship to last there has to be that in one way or another. That and some compromise.

I remember long ago being told, “Don’t say ‘keep on keeping on’ it sounds stupid.” Lol compromise.

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Yes, but if you don’t have shared values it won’t last.

Like if she wants kids and you don’t for example.


Makese sense. I’m sure that is a factor in many failed relationships.

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