What is maxmum amount of vitamins can you take day

Im just wondering, how much can you tolerate before you can cause more harm than good.

I just usually treat a condition as needed, because I start having problems if I take too many.

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My dr does bloodwork every 6 months or so and I only take what I’m low on.

I take a multivitamin/mineral that doesn’t have any more than 100% RDA in it. I also take Vitamin K, magnesium, and Calcium supplements, again not more than 100% RDA.

Really, vitamins just make you have expensive pee. You don’t absorb much when the vitamins arent in liquid form or food.

If it’s a multivitamin then take one a day.

Other vitamins should be directed by your doctor.

These are the kinds of questions I think are better suited for your doctor.


It depends. Vitamins with heavy metals (ie: magnesium, iron, etc) can do serious harm in high doses.

A nurse practitioner prescribed magnesium for muscle spasms in my legs. I’m only taking 48% RDA of magnesium, plus whatever is in the multivitamin.

On days I don’t have soy milk (lactose intolerant), I take 750mg calicum. I think RDA is 1000mg.

Whatever doesn’t kill you I guess.

Depends on the person. Depends on what your normal diet is. Depends on the vitamin.

If you have a healthy diet you should get enough vitamins from what you eat.

Then you have professionals who want you to take “mega doses” of stuff like vitamin C. They make claims about how great taking huge doses of vitamin C is for you. While other professionals dispute that claim and say it doesn’t help.

If you have a deficiency of some vitamin like vitamin D for example then taking vitamin D supplements is good. I don’t have figures on how much you need of each specific vitamin or mineral. That’s up to you to figure out by talking to your GP or researching online.

When you buy supplements they usually have directions about how much to take. With vitamins this is usually one tablet/capsule pr day.

It’s generally a good idea to follow these instructions unless you are a professional. You can always take less than the recomnended dose if you feel it is too much.

okay thanks guys.

I only get vit B12 injections.

Dont it say on the bottle what the recommended doses are ?

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I have Berocca or other soluble vitamin supplements and my god does it help with my symptoms. It helps stop my migraines and also my sza symptoms, if I’m feeling off, it helps a lot. I have 1 Berocca or similar everyday.

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