What happens if you take too much vitamins and supplements

Some people here on this forum takes loads on vitamins and supplements and there blood work is fine, does these mean the liver can tolerate a high load of vitamins and supplements at a time, does anyone know im just wondering.


thanks for the article but it doesnt explain how some of these people on the forums that take like 15 types of vitamins and supplements and dont get any side effects. i just dont understand that.

Idk if there’s any explanation for that, everyone’s different, but it is healthier to get vitamins and minerals from eating healthy vs supplements.


It depends on the supplements. With something like Vitamin C your body just pees out what you don’t use so it’s really safe in the majority of people, even at insanely high doses. Other vitamins and supplements are more dangerous when taken at too high a dose. For example magnesium at high doses can give you diarrhea.

And everyone is different, I can’t tolerate omega 3 fish oil capsules, they make my body feel like it is burning up, but other people swear by them.

You have to test them, one at a time, to see how you react, and do research about each supplement to make sure you are not taking too much, and to learn about the possible side effects so you can spot them quickly before any damage is done.

Supplements are a game of learning and experimentation.

I’ve experimented with tons of supplements, some are effective, others do nothing. I get my blood work done every 3 months and have never had a problem.

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okay how many supplements and vitamins do you take, can you give a estimate please thanks.

During the height of the Covid pandemic I read the following combo could help if you catch it so I took the following over the last year…
500mg of Vitamin C
400 IU of Vitamin D
25mg of Zinc

Right now I am taking 100mg of l-theanine twice per day (9am/9pm)

I’m still a little nervous about my new job so I take 160mg of silexan (Lavender Oil, brand name CalmAid) before work, there is a study on the Internet that it is as good as a benzo (ativan) for anxiety.

I’ve also taken l-arginine but that didn’t do anything other than gave me a raging boner the next morning.

I’ve tried up to 1000mg of GABA, at that dose it gave me a huge body buzz. At 500mg I don’t really notice much. I don’t take it anymore

I’ve also tried 400mg of stinging nettle leaf for allergies, I noticed a small effect but not as good as an antihistamine.

Also melatonin, Valerian root, hops, and few other things I can’t remember to try and help with sleep.

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thats a quite of few interesting hows yours blood work if i mind asking?

Perfect, all my numbers are within healthy ranges.

The only exception is my blood sugar, my A1C was 6.5 in my last blood work, a healthy A1C is about 5.5, but I am diabetic and 6.5 is pretty good for me so my doctor wasn’t worried.

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O okay thats good to hear, i guess the liver can handle a quite few amount of vitamins with no problem and kidneys too. Thats very interesting. Im pretty surprise actually.

Yeah, just research your supplements and start with low dosages first, there is also more than just the liver and kidneys to worry about.

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really what do you mean?

Well for example too much Vitamin K can rupture blood cells and lead to anemia.

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o really thats not good.

Yeah, just research your supplements. At low doses they are generally safe, but everyone is different and every supplement does different things so you have to research and monitor yourself for any problems.

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alright thanks for the advice man appreciate it, do you diet and exercise regularly.

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My diet is pretty good, I use to walk my dog for 15 minutes or so everyday but he doesn’t want to walk anymore for some reason so I haven’t been exercising.

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Thats okay, im exercising too and trying to lose weight buts its so hard omg when your on antipsychotics, they make so difficult to lose weight i dont understand why but they somehow mess with your metabolism so you make twice as hard to lose body fat.

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Been there. When I was on 40mg of olanzapine I weighed 240lbs, now that I am off it the weight just melted away and I am about 175lbs now. With olanzapine I think it slows your metabolism and it made me hungry as hell, I ate a lot, I never felt full.

Latuda is my current AP and it doesn’t cause weight gain in me thankfully.

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Why not just taking a standard multi vitamin?

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