What is it like to have aspergers?

I hear they have difficulty with social situations.

And get quite deep into specific subject.

Sounds like me.

But somehow I don’t know if I am

There are probably other criteria.

And when I am not depressed it kind of is gone quite significantly

Watcha think???

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You don’t have aspergers @anon90843118. What subjects do you get deep into?

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Nutrition in terms of on the body. And mind.

I mean I don’t know loads cos I’m not a smart ass but I do have very strong interest in it and I do study what I am able to.i eat even more extreme than celebrities

Also I am very keen to understand the world. I want to make sense of it I feel so naive

How do you know I don’t have it?


Because lots of people on here start wondering it. The way I figure it there are 100 regular members on here, so on average about 2 should have it. The nutrition thing could be related to your eating disorder, and I would discount any type of existential sz thinking from it, I think it is normally things like trains or singinging or a certain singer and things like that.

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Yea… Idk.

Thanks for the input.

I guess I should look it up aswell.

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Does anyone have aspergers on here?

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I think @velociraptor and @DrZen have it.

How have you been @anon98459728?

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Good. I am going to grab lunch in an hour and then go off for a day hike.


People with AS aren’t just uncomfortable in social situations.
They misread social cues or miss them completely. Some are unable to understand their behaviour is weird or wrong, and why that is. Some may have intense emotional reactions to seemingly minor things because they are unable to self-correct.

My cousin has AS. He’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever known, but he has 0 social skills. Even as a kid, I though when he was made, he’d chosen to take all his social skill stats and put them into the intelligence skill (rp’er here lol)


I was dxed with Asperger’s in May last year at the age of 62. The diagnosis wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t moved,as my previous mh team paid little attention to my mention of autism .

Some links for you to read.


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What does autism look like in girls?

Although every child with autism is different, here are some common characteristics in girls with autism:

  • A special interest in animals, music, art, and literature
  • A strong imagination (might escape into the worlds of nature or fiction)
  • A desire to arrange and organise objects
  • Not wanting to play cooperatively with female peers (for example, wanting to dictate the rules of play or preferring to play alone to maintain control)
  • A tendency to ‘mimic’ others in social situations in order to blend in
  • An ability to hold their emotions in check at school, but be prone to meltdowns or explosive behaviour at home
  • Strong sensory sensitivities, especially to sounds and touch (for example; clothing tags, socks or even deodorant).

While girls with ASD are less likely than boys to also be diagnosed with ADHD and conduct problems, they are more vulnerable to internalising problems, such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders. As we learn more about autism in females, we appreciate just how important timely diagnosis, effective support, and understanding can be.

I can relate to a few of above that I just posted, but the things is that it is not ALL of the time and just certain environments trigger it much more and some much less and some none at all.

also I think I have the ability to change and become more confident and then some of these traits would go down.

nvt it is a very interesting read.

Thankyou @firemonkey for all of the resources

My best friend has sz and asperger’s. Fire monkey also has both.

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One thing I will add,based on personal experience , is that if you already have a long standing severe mental illness there can be a post code lottery as to how much a MH professional will pay attention to your mention of ASD.

Essex: Mentioned several times. Virtually ignored. Was an official dx from 1992. I moved from Essex in 2017.

Wiltshire. Moved there in Sept 2017. First psych appointment Oct 2018 . Autism mentioned. Stepdaughter backed me up. Pdoc took me seriously. He asked questions.

2 weeks after that letter for autism assessment came . Feb 2019 assessment started. May 2019 dx of Asperger’s syndrome was given.

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Is there any meds for autism or asperger?
I read that they also use antipsychotics sometimes to control anger and emotions in autism.

@anon28145038 has Asperger.

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I have heard that abilify is used for autism idk how tf that works

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