I have autism spectrum disorder

This is odd, but the more I learn about the disorder, the more I realize that I always had it.

I have what they used to call Asperger’s, which was formerly called autistic psychopathy. The dude who observed it in kids called the kids “little professors.” I was like a little professor as a kid, I was very bright and obsessed as well as knowledgeable in regards to few things.

I also became more talented and aggressive in my teens, I was a hand to hand combat enthusiast and authentically trained to a high level. Sigh why the ■■■■ do I have to be a fighter type? Like yeah I fight schizophrenia but I also have appetitive aggression, too much of it.

Anyways, I also have social problems, I have few people to hangout with and I feel like they avoid me a bit. I am socially awkward, I just deal with it by being with people who already know me and accept me. They think I might or might not have it, but the doc thinks so and says so and I think and say so after looking at finer details of it and checking it next to the accompanied schizophrenia. I have both!

It’s a little bad, I kind of feel like a retard, but if this is what being retarded is like, it’s more effective at life than normal. That, and I am socially, not mentally retarded- I have zero intellectual impairment and instead am more intelligent than average by a lot.


That’s a lot to take in. Is it possible you don’t have schizophrenia at all?!

No, that’s not possible. I slam dunk schizophrenia and it’s symptoms. They just sort of overlap at times. Like anxiety and also things like odd interests and strange behaviors like cracking my knuckles and eating like a child. Those types of things are clearly overlapping. But then things like routine are also in question, like do I wear only three colors because of autism or because of schizophrenia delusions? I think it’s half and half!

But no, I do have both. I kind of already knew, I was just not accepting and integrating it into my understanding of myself. I was reluctant to involve autism in my thesis because I suspected I would discover that I have it- I just read all I could find on it and yeah I totally have it. My language impairment is slight though. I sometimes freeze up and can’t finish a sentence but other than that I speak mostly normally with a few odd habits, yo.


Although not diagnosed I fit the criteria for non verbal learning disorder which is similar to aspergers.
I have definite, long standing social problems.

@mortimermouse Hiow do you think your aspergers impacts on your schizophrenia and vice versa. ?

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I have aspergers too.

The two overlap a lot, like I said earlier.

I think the autism helps the schizophrenia because I am obsessed with psychopathology and exercise and actually know what I am doing.

The schizophrenia makes me behave more in the manner of autism. I get distress from delusions and hallucinations and depersonalization and then go do little stereotypy things and say things over and over to myself, watch the same things over and over, become rigid to routine, ect.

I think you’re adorably odd.

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Why Whatever & Whoever Do You Mean (???)

Such a Cute Word , Whoever You Are Talking to Must Be So Very Individualistic and Full of Promises For a Hopeful Rich Future (!!!) ,

So Weirdly Amazing .


A good doctor has some clues.

A bad doctor well set you back a lifetime.

Don’t know your symptoms and that is a key. Don’t know your story and that is a key especially if symptoms are over six months long.

Over the years I worry about people who aren’t schizophrenic who hang out here. They are often disruptive of the community and have no idea how to relate to average punters who are definitely schizophrenic. Now that is a big problem with a website like this but I see stuff moves way too fast to even address such serious concerns.

A friend, AS always in the struggle,


@rogueone, good to see you posting. Don’t be such a stranger man.

still throwing out your false(paranoid) accusations I see. I have seldom been disruptive, indeed much less than many people, and hope that I am a good contributor to these forums.
In any case this is a forum for those who are or who have experienced psychosis rather than one specifically for schizophrenia.
According to my pdocs I have had psychotic symptoms/experienced psychosis. Bouts of paranoia aside I don’t think they have me on a depot for fun nor do they chase me up if I am slightly late out of a warped sense of fun.
I have always been open and honest about my psychiatric history stating I first came to the sz.com forums when still diagnosed schizoaffective(mixed type).
I have also admitted that whatever psychosis I have had could probably be said to be at the milder end of the spectrum. .

I do wish you would stop posting these digs it has been going on years. I am not the enemy. Antisocial posters who wish harm are weeded out,for the most part,fairly quickly.

Regarding an issue that happened years before you came aboard here.

It’s ‘nothing personal’ yet you bring it up every time you resurface. This is getting tiring. Take a day’s break from the forums and think of more positive things to share. Also, it’s none of your business what Firemonkey’s diagnosis is. He has had the diagnosis of SZ in the past and he has had and continues to have symptoms that fall within the SZ spectrum. That’s good enough for us.

(Wearing moderator hat)


Can anyone explain the treatment methods for asd in detail?

This site mentions treatments for adults . http://researchautism.net/autism/adults-on-the-autism-spectrum/interventions-for-adults-on-the-autism-spectrum

The treatments are insanely intense for the most part and center on the theoretical model of psychology called behaviorism. They forge a person who behaves more normally than when left untreated through reinforcing, or basically encouraging and rewarding normal behaviors. That’s to make a long painful story short.

What happens with adults with ASD is that they often become self conscious and aware of their appearances during and forever after puberty. Their drive for sex overrides their abnormal tendencies. They basically learn to at least present as normal at the expense of their energy in order to make a successful life (reductionism pretty much says that reproducing is the definition of a successful life).

It’s a sad story, the treatments of autism is sad and has a horrific history. Today they tend to medicate with antidepressants and anti anxiety meds and also have therapies which are made to teach and reward typical behaviors of normal people.

It’s sad. Let’s just get retarded and have fun

The Black Eyed Peas had it right