Apparently I'm very social

The reason I meant to post to the autism subreddit but posted to the wrong subreddit. I thus crossposted to where I originally intended . That apparently means I posted everywhere and am very social.

The person persisted even after I’d explained. I swear some people have ■■■■ for brains or are just out to maliciously provoke.


Posting things on the internet doesn’t mean that you are social.
Having friends, is.
However, being active on the internet( generating content) beats passive internet surfing, which is complete rubbish, unless you are looking for useful information.

So kudos for creating internet content.

It sounds like this person must be part of many subs themselves and so must also be exceptionally social! How happy for everyone involved!

Seriously, try not to worry about it too much. Some people get their teeth into a bone and can’t be persuaded to drop it. Best just to let go and let them have it.

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are the posters in your reddit community competing to be the least social?

why do you feel the need to prove your condition to them?

that condition exists on a spectrum, so im sure there are those who are more social than others

i dont think that means they should lose credibility in the competition of being ill

As I said to one of the people siding with him/her -

FFS crossposting because you made a mistake and posted to the wrong subreddit in the first place doesn’t make you ‘Very social’. I actually have great difficulty with socialising to the point I’ve become quite asocial.

As for it being a competition I don’t see it that way.

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Been driven off the Asperger’s and autism subreddits the aggressiveness and hostility was too much to handle. Felt like people were just out to pick on me.

I didn’t know you were on the spectrum. My daughter is autistic, she’s all over the spectrum. I have a soft spot for Auties and Aspies.

Officially I’m not on the spectrum as I’ve never been dxed by a professional. I have definite autistic traits though.

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