What Is Childhood Schizophrenia?


feck off that is lies !!!


When I was about fourteen they told me I couldn’t be diagnosed with schizophrenia as a minor, but it was likely later on in life.

They were right.

I guess they’ve changed it now.

@pedro27, how is this lies?

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never heard of a sz child

any real proof

btw i wouldn’t call it sz…!

I’ve had the same symptoms I have today, my whole life.

There are absolutely children with schizophrenia type symptoms.


I disagree

The main symptoms only develop at ages 18 and over

Never heard a delusional psychotic child

Did you?

Yes, Pedro,

That’s what I’m trying to tell you.

I was a delusional, psychotic child.

And I know many others.


well jaysus i never knew that


lets make sz known

I had hallucinations as young as 14, and delusions as young as 11.

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My family was 3 schizophrenic sisters
Our sister who died age 25 deteriorated from childhood, wasn’t dx with schizophrenia until she was 15. She was beyond help from age 10,
Very disconcerting to live with, she told our mum she didn’t like or want her life when she was 4
A year and a half younger than me I was only psychotic after she was schizophrenic
I was diagnosed age 17

Our youngest sister only started to develop age 35

The run down of symptoms on the site (teens early onset) suggested … was exactly how it was for me.

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Out of curiosity I went to look at that site. It was ads heavy,with ads blocking a lot of the text.

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I believe this is typically the case, but there are definitely young children that show signs of schizophrenia early on. Some are even born with it.

@pedro27 Some users here were diagnosed with sz at 15y.o or earlier and had symptoms as early as 10-11y.o., @Crystal-Cotton for example and another user I forgot the name. I had sz positive symptoms since 15-16y.o. but was diagnosed at 20 after 2 suicide attempts.

I wouldnt have tried to kill myself if I was diagnosed earlier, since 15y.o. I told 3 general Drs that I have voices and feel unreal, they said its stress. Its sad that here in Canada we can’t see a psychiatriat without approval of a general Dr who isnt trained to detect and treat mental illness.


I think the other user was diagnosed at 14 with sz/psychosis.

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I just remember being hypersensitive enough to pinpoint any conversation in a crowded, noisy room and ‘tune in’ to anyone speaking …
This was 2nd grade…
I also remember panic attacks and spacing out, at school I could hallucinate things on the chalk board falling down…
I remember sleeping at night hearing voices falling into sleep …

Yes, it was schizophrenia, no I didn’t realize it.