Childhood schizophrenia? Is it real?

Do you think Kids/Teens these days are being over diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia or early onset schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia can strike at any age. You’ve come to the right place to get things sorted out.

Never do drugs… they take away from your ability to be a real person.

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when did you first start having symptoms? and did you do drugs?

I was totally normal until i hit 22 and a half years. Didnt really do to many drugs just smoked a bunch of weed. Started thinking about telepathy… from there I started hallucinating.

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Do you hallucinate worse when you smoke because I do but I always seem to attach the voices to people I know. But the only time I get voices otherwise is when I feel guilty or shame like if I masturbate then it just gets embarrassing. It’s weird because I always have this feeling in the back of my mind that I made all of this up and I’m really just a compulsive liar. its weird.

I dont think compulsive liar is the proper word for it. I’d just say delusional.

I don’t smoke anymore so it is hard to say. I have symptoms either way now but if I had never smoked I dont think my mind would operate this way.


I think it happens. People of all ages can experience symptoms although for children its quite rare. I’ve never done drugs btw mine was stress induced and started just before I turned 25…

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It’s real but very rare compared to adult onset.

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Yeah, it’s really real.

Like becca being tormented in the night by no one, whoever, no one i guess began to scare the ■■■■ out of her telling her that her family was going to be hurt very badly. She set out in a terrified stupor with no shoes, walked miles.

Middle of the night to.

Yeah, it’s real.

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I don’t think it’s over diagnosed… there are some parents on here who have kids who are suffering, but no doc wants to say… YES it’s SZ… so the kids have to grow up and get more ill before they get help.

I started mentally wobbling when I was between 5 to 11. By the time I was 14 and the head circus was in full swing… my parents knew… they completely knew I was out of my mind. But no doc wanted to Dx me until I was an adult. I finally got my official Sz diagnosis when I was 17 after a huge event that crashed my mind.

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childhood schizophrenia is real. i dont have it yet, but i hallucinate pretty badly.

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It’s definitely real.My son is 13 and has every sign/symptom of Sz.Almost every Dr and therapist we’ve seen has acted like I was crazy-until they spend some time with my son.I don’t think he will be officially diagnosed until he is older.Our pdoc knows it and as long as he can get the help he needs,I don’t mind holding off on the label.I just wish he could be around other kids with similar issues because he does miss that.

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I was diagnosed at 12. At first they were very suspicious and reserved in medicating me. It wasn’t until I had an episode and was given a shot of Haldol were they able to confirm my diagnosis.

Real and I think it’s under diagnosed.

My nephew is only 13 years old, the professionals really did not diagnose him yet - i mean he has ADHD and depression and anxiety. He seems to have some light Autism but nothing official, I dont think.
Lots of doctors and shrinks dont like to diagnose until late teens or early 20s.
Childhood SZ is underdiagnosed - doctors like to wait