What is anger going to help?

i’ve gone through so much disease and abuse but what is anger going to do for me?

i am not one that believes in letting it out. bjt i do… in the gym routine of mine in my apartment.

what do you do? i am one that doesn’t enjoy this anger routine.



I sometimes get angry, but it doesn’t last.

I do like to set boundaries with people.

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jonathan2, what do you mean by boundaries?

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Boundaries. Limits to how much people push you around. Try to dominate you. Tell you what to do. Limits to what behavior you tolerate.

I hope that clarifies.

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Anger can be positive. Anger against injustice is good. Anger at a dirty house can motivate some people to do some cleaning. It’s okay to get angry when your team is losing a game. There are roles for anger, in moderation and under control.


I don’t get angry anymore. I used to get really angry about things like bullies. For the first six years after I developed schizophrenia I was angry all the time. For some reason it just went away maybe because of the injection I take.

Being able to use anger constructively is a skill worth having. Anger can as necessary emotion can help you become aware of possible injustice you or someone else experienced. It can act as fuel for proactive behavior.

thank you for your support and replies. hugs, judy

I person can’t always help getting angry, but I try to use the energy that comes with anger in a constructive manner.

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One legitimate use of anger is to build large muscles.

When I get angry, I put on my hat and go for a walk.

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