Do you get angry in the right manner?

Do you guys ever get angry in the right manner?which means it’s not psychosis or manic

When I get upset or angry for valid reasons - even when I am not symptomatic, people will connect my anger, to my illness.

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My problem is I ain’t assertive enough,even if I have he right reason,I just freak out or scared out in the end

I have a few distant family members who do that to me… then they seem surprised that I don’t really like being around them. I really hate it when I’m angry about something that anyone else would be angry about too… but they say it’s because of my illness. That makes me more angry.

@Mobc1990 I have been angry lately. Trying to get over some anger left hanging. Youngest brother has spent the better part of this last year just being an over the top force of destruction in my kid sisters life. I am very angry at him for his destructive and hateful behavior.

But he’s recently been diagnosed as Bipolar 1. and I can’t yell at him as he trying to recover. But I’m trying to find a way to get over my own anger about his past horrid behavior with out derailing his recovery.


Yes, I get angry to go lift weights. Blast slipknot in the car and they blast more slipknot and other metal in the gym. It is necessary to get pissed off in order to lift heavier than you ever have before.

Other than that I get angry when people interrupt me while doing something or completely irate when insulted or talked down to but I do pretty well to not snap on people. Yesterday I snapped on a guy because someone told me not to talk to him and then he interrupted me to say something about how to grip the bar while I was doing pulldowns. I was like “what the ■■■■ do you want, thats the third time ive been interrupted doing this ■■■■■■■ exercise” but apologized a minute later.

I dont like the big fat guy who looks like a bald baby on our team. Im proportionately as strong (if not a little stronger because of my sick deadlift) and he doesnt like that because Im brand new. Yesterday he was all military police on me like “quit walking around like you dont know what youre doing, youre on the team, go spot people” when there were already 3 people spotting the guy on bench. I smell jealousy and about 30% body fat. I was like “yeah sure” but what I really thought was “go ■■■■ a goat, fat boy”

I do pretty well not to say what I think

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You guys seems amazing,I need to change my “scary cat behavior” really,I consider myself physically fit but only mentally very weak because emotionally I am weak…:-(,but I believe 1 day all this will change and will become like you guys,fighting this illness without fear

Well, I didn’t say I act on my anger well. I’m either fed up and come on too strong and over react or I’m letting people get away with stuff.

My sis is a lot more hard core then I am about a lot of things.

This is how it is a lot of the time… Normally people should be afraid of the big Rottweiler not the tiny cat.

But they would be wrong. In my life… Me… the big rottweiler is a big push over. The tiny little cat… my redheaded sis is the scary one. She’s always been more macho then I have.

I think anger can be a very useful emotion if it is handled or looked at appropriately. I have tried to look into some anger management for myself and my family and realizing that anger is usually a manifestation of something underneath can make a big difference. Usually you feel insulted, hurt, unappreciated, interrupted… this list can go on. I don’t know if there is a right manner to let anger out. Perhaps looking underneath it to discover what the originating emotion is would be the healthier approach. For me, when I do allow my anger free reign it is usually the wrong instance so more and more I try to examine why I’m angry instead of acting on it.


I really have to practice a lot. The older I get, the better I seem to be at handling my anger. It does bug me that I may act ok—but I can still be boiling inside. I also try to remember that when I get mad-wait 24 hours.
I am really starting to see how much anger is still in me. Just when you think you are all cleaned out, here comes more stuff!
I read somewhere that anger is just energy like everything else, you just need to channel it in the right direction. Easier said then done!


I have come to realize that a lot of my anger is coming from persecutory delusion. I also get impatient because of mood instability. So, no, probably most of my anger is inappropriate.

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I wish that I got angry in the right manner.