What if unusual deliefs are real

what If unusual beliefs are really happening and turning yourself in to psychiatry definitely not going to help because all 99.5 percent of all unusual beliefs are only created in their own mind.
How is someone going to get help if there are people that are creating paranoia to that person that might not have a mental illness. On top of that especially coming out of psychiatry no one is ever going to belief your words ever again in the public.

Welcome to the forums. What is this unusual belief your talking about?

Yes. Thats a basic explanation of whats happened to me yes.

No one will ever believe it unless they see it for themselves, although some already have in movies, which is extremely twilight zonish for me. Ill be pointing at it like “yeah you see! thats what it is right there!” but no one can believe it or see it.

I think most of the unusual beliefs we can have comes from knowing the basic facts of it being someone doing it somehow you know, we can get a bit assumptive in trying to explain it sometimes, the mind wanders around knowing full well it is someone and somehow but we don’t have the details do we.

Well, my beliefs are unusual, too unusual for most people to believe, but that don’t make them not real.
Most of these people are professionals (as in my case) who know how to work the sytem (to my disadvantage).
so what am I supposed to do?
not much except skud run? Clear the prop!

i can prove some of mine, or rather, other people can for me, fans mainly. i used to have a belief about a certain person having more kids than he has now but when i asked on a couple of fan pages, not one of them knew of these kids, not one. now fans know absolutely every little detail about their chosen idol (that’s public anyway) so i know that these kids did not exist, not ever. yet i could’ve sworn that i saw their names on an “official” site, yet lo and behold, they’ve never existed in reality and that’s according to the most obsessive fans i could find. it was very odd being confronted with proof that a belief you’d held for a number of years was just plain wrong, even though you know you saw the text. now i don’t see things, visually hallucinate i mean so and even if i did, why would one see something as mundane as children’s names?? guess someone made a website that was a load of bollocks and added enough html tags to make it hit the top of the search page. hmmmmm.
as for the other unusual belief, i can prove that just by asking a true fan. they watch things over and over and over again. they know minute details of movies and music videos and programmes so i know i can be vindicated in that one belief.

If some unusual beliefs were real and distressing in any way, then I would talk to my psychiatrist about them. I like to talk to him about things that are distressing to me. If distressful enough, I might even choose for the delusion that nothing unusual is going on - if only to find peace of mind. I converted myself from something I was absolutely certain about to its opposite, only to find peace of mind. I might do that again if unusual beliefs seemed to be real. Peace of mind is important to me.

I remember one time, the summer I began medications, I was cooking in the kitchen while talking with my mother. She said “What if there was someone with paranoid schizophrenia whom people actually were watching?” and I asked her “What?!” and she just said “Oh, nothing.”

I am a little skeptical. I mean I sometimes cannot tell what is real or not, for instance when real people say things that I think must be hallucinations on my part. All I know is that if I become a psychologist, I will have the answers.

So I take medication because I am mentally ill, it helps but it is no cure. I pursue my degrees without mercy on myself and I know exactly what I want. I want answers about what is real and what is not. A bachelor’s in psychology is not enough, I am a junior majoring in psychology. I need a Ph.D. in clinical psychology in order to get the answers about what is real and what is not. One day I will know the answers to my questions. I already know that half of what goes on in my head is just schizophrenia- textbook symptoms. A little bit of what goes on in real life seems to not be anywhere in the textbooks, only from other patients’ reports on this website. I have read plenty of books on the illness, and there is nothing about real people saying things about me that they cannot possibly know, there seems to be this uniform case of people just hearing voices in their heads, and a few instances of people on TV talking about them, which has happened to me countless times.

But what about when I come across people saying verbatim what I write or listen to or have said in private? For example, my professor in one class asked “are you gonna kill it?” while handing me an exam. I said “I’m gonna kill it and eat it.” The next session with my psychologist, I went on and on about how I wish I had a simpler life. He told me “Well, you see your work that way, when you take a test, you kill it and eat it.” That’s one hell of a coincidence. That’s just one little example.

I remember sitting in my first discussion in an honors english class at the university, and this one guy who was rather talkative said “Holy ■■■■, it’s him! With all of the fan pages and ■■■■!” and that was clear as day, I had taken all of my meds and was not hallucinating much at all, for such a vivid hallucination that seemed so real to happen was very unlikely. Another little example.

I was having a relapse in the middle of the semester, I was yet again in that discussion class. A couple of girls in the class got into a heated debate and began to go off topic and the profession just stared at them and point at me, which I inferred to mean “we have a Krav Maga trained psychotic psychopath in the room.” Another little example.

I like to listen to this song called “Dont lose your way” sometimes before I go to sleep. I remember having a long talk with a guy with a history of suicidal ideation at a party, and he said he was amazed at how well I was doing, and said “Don’t lose your way.” to me before walking back inside the house. Another little example.

Also, my psychiatrist already knew that I had been kicked off a powerlifting team when I saw him. I did sign a release form like two years ago between my therapist and psychiatrist, so that makes sense, but why would they pay such special attention to me?

This is all on medications, multiple medications. This sort of stuff is seemingly not common, as very few people on here speak of these sorts of what I think are hallucinations. I do know that if I get a Ph.D. or even just a Master’s in clinical psychology, I will have the answers. If I get a Ph.D., I will become an expert on schizophrenia the moment I earn the title, because I have the illness and would know it inside and out if that moment comes.

I find that people tend to know what is up with me before I even say a word. For example, I was walking into a lab in the psych building and one of my professors asked me how I was- she knows I have schizophrenia because I told her. She seemed to know that I was having a rough day, but I always put on this mask in public to where one cannot tell that I have a mental illness- I inferred that my laptop is tapped and that she had read the angry psychotic rant I had written for my journal entry that morning. A coincidence, confounded by the fact that clinical psychologists can read through my persona and see just how ■■■■■■ up I really am on the inside, yet still a bit mysterious and full of uncertainty.

I have had lots of unlikely coincidences happen, which makes me skeptical. I sometimes wonder if I am both actually being watched and schizophrenic, it is a possibility. It is not impossible. However, my personal battle with schizophrenia is exactly that: personal. No one stops me from beating this illness’s ■■■■■■■ inside out. No one will ever get to that part of me that wants to fight schizophrenia- it’s mine, my schizophrenia, my symptoms, their medication, their treatments, but my fight. I do have chronic paranoid schizophrenia, I know that. I am not sure about much else in life at this point.

I sometimes wonder that if I actually am being watched, then why? Why on Earth would people spend time and money watching me? Was it something I said? Is it because I am not like the vast majority of other people with schizophrenia, that I do not even seem like I have schizophrenia, that “schizophrenic” is the first adjective I would use to describe myself and the very last anyone who just met me would use to describe me? Why?!

As you can see from the passage above, there is no cure, only efficacious treatments for the psychiatric illness that is paranoid schizophrenia, particularly chronic paranoid schizophrenia, in which patients do not experience episodes, they experience a constant severity in their degree of symptoms. The young man above is an honors psychology student and avid weightlifter. He is certified by the National Institute of Health to conduct research. He has a 3.8 GPA. His level of insight is most profound, yet he still holds doubts which feed his delusional symptomatology. He takes a moderately high dose of an atypical antipsychotic medication daily.

Subject is dramatically improved and functionally recovered, yet there is clear evidence of grandiose and subsequent persecutory delusions, auditory and visual hallucinations, and uncommon behaviors such as talking to himself for up to two hours every night.


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Lol that would mean very, very bad things are in store for this world if my delusional beliefs were true.

Still I think the nagging feeling you get that they are true in spite of any evidence pointing towards the contrary is what keeps you so cautious. Like even when I became aware that my reflection was HIGHLY unlikely to come out of my mirror and kill me, I still don’t sleep facing it and whenever I hear weird noises I always check it. You know, just in case.

I’m kind of tripping on something that happened last night…

My mom was reading ■■■■ off her phone… She came across the phrase non sequitur. In my mind there are always words I have to remember if I understand them. I know what non sequitur means and how’s it used, it’s just sort of an odd phrase. Anyways in my mind I subconsciously I pondered whether or not she readily knew what it meant and lo and behold she says something’s along the lines of “it when something doesn’t fit into the train of thought” or something along those lines a very simple explanation, and then she adds “but that doesn’t mean…”

A coincidence? It has to be, but the timing and phrasing are really hard to forget about. Everyone seems to say random things at times that confirm they can hear me. Typically I get hung up on it for a few days and then I stop thinking about it and forget and continue to learn to not trigger these messages. It’s just weird, I have to turn myself into a blind and ignorant bloke just to get over this ■■■■, otherwise I see clues everyday and that just drives me back into psychosis.

I mean if it’s ■■■■■■■ real why don’t they just let it be known these ■■■■■■■ games they are playing have ruined my life.

Sometimes it seems like they aren’t even trying to hide it. It get worse when I finally shut down the “telepathy” and stop believing in it or thinking about it.

Tripping for sure. I don’t want to believe in this bs, but I feel like it’s right in my face.

Gotta stop thinking about it. Have a good day, reality is probably the simplest form things can take, most unusual beliefs are pretty far out there and complicate things, best to let go of them and focus on more normal things. Good luck OP.

What if it’s real.
Here is a picture of a device that was constructed at FERMILAB.

Maybe they just watched Startgate to often…

It does look like a Chappa’ai

Fermilab is America’s particle physics and accelerator laboratory.
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The finished product,
a dark matter camera,
kind of takes the fun away.

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