What if they could

what if men could get pregnant?

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If men could get pregnant, Mr. Star and I would be very happy. He could have the babies, and I could stay on my meds and go to school!


If men were the ones that got pregnant I wonder if the roles of men and women would be reversed. If you were to go back to caveman times men went out and did dangerous things because the women were more valuable. 1 man could impregnate 50 women but 50 men can do much with a 1 woman. Eventually men and female roles evolved from there I suppose. Maybe we would live in a matriarchal society. Of course just by the definition of male and female would be different. Males would be called female and females males. The only difference is that people would say “men” would be slightly larger and bald more easily.

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We would probably die… Our hips are too narrow… I don’t think I could push a watermelon through my current anatomy not without massive blood loss and if you did live…hotdog split longways lollol… We would have to hide from our impregnating overlords… The women would go on raiding parties capturing men to procreate with… Lol planet of the woman’s…


imagine the opposite of that.
is that how people danced back then…
shyly swinging the leg like a pendulum.

will scientists ever impregnate men?

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If men could get pregnant the kid would have to come out of our ■■■■■■■.

if men could get pregnant, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between people.

I dunno. I guess I’d be in a lot of pain if I wanted to have a baby.

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yeah, but I’m strong

If men had to endure the pain of childbirth…

We’d become extinct.


I mean, not like I would get pregnant anyway: it takes two to tango. and with or without pregnancy genes, I’m not cool enough to get a partner.

lol lol lol

I wonder then if a man would be able to impregnate themselves?

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I would have a kid for sure. I’ve always wanted to be a dad. Hopefully I could struggle through the pain.

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I love myself a lot. I would probably self-impregnate, if I felt that I could support a child…

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Would your kid call you Mom, or Dad… or just perhaps ‘Mad?’

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well dad obviously…

he wouldn’t even need to know I birthed him, if it’s too awkward to bring up…

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Wait if you had a gf/bf … And you both became pregnant during the same uhh meeting of the naughties… Would the kids be twins?

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Dizygotic (fraternal) twins, but would they (each) get to decide which body to grow in, or would the adults?

Maybe if men could get pregnant we would have more equality. Maybe men would empathize more with women.

Hmmmm, doubt it.

Maybe if they had to deal with ‘Auntie Flo’ every month, otherwise, their ‘period’ is at the end of a sentence.

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