What if i'm not delusional?

Whilst being evaluated i answered many questions honestly. It was surprisingly easy to explain how I felt and what was happening in my mind.

I was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic

I believe it is because I may have said some keywords.
I may have talked about my spiritual experience which prompted my psyche doc to categorise me, because of a pattern. When I got hospitalised I discovered that there were people like me who shared similar thoughts and would explain things using similar keywords.
So I understood why i was categorised like that, its because I was deemed delusional.
I can accept that some of what my mind has conjoured up may be paranoia but what they are missing is that there isn’t anything that can be conjoured up from nothing.
Sometimes I wish I were delusional. Its a comforting thought because reality is much harder to deal with.
I see how the system works, i’m worried that i’m being put on antipsychotics as a failsafe. Anyway thanks for reading I welcome any thoughts.


It’s all a part of sz. Delusions, thought broadcasting, not perceiving things both visual and auditory the way they really are.


Delusions can be hard to deal with because when you’re deep in them they’re near impossible to discern from reality. I say follow your doctors advice and see where that leads you.


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