What I.Q. do you have?

I’m sure that if you’ve ever been hospitalized, they did some IQ tests on you… So, do you know/remember your IQ? Feel free to mention the way you’ve been tested. For example, I had only 3 minutes to do the test and I got an IQ of 145. How about you? Average, below average or above average? I’m just curious about it…

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3 minutes is extremely short for an IQ test. That’s way shorter than the short versions of the regularly used tests, and even those aren’t that reliable because of how short they are. I wouldn’t put much faith in that result. Sorry.


I think mine is 136, depending on the test. Some tests are skewed for higher or lower scores.

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At one time I had 142

I think I got a B+

EDIT: No, in all seriousness it wasn’t low but it wasn’t spectacular. I forget what the overall score was, they tested several different areas and gave me the results one at a time.

They didn’t test my IQ in hospital. I’ve never had a proper test of it, only some of those online ones back in the day. Got high results in those but I doubt they’re particularly reliable

I’ve never been tested in a hospital, but my dad’s a psychologist, so he’s run numerous tests on me. The lowest score I’ve gotten on an online test was 113, and the highest I’ve gotten ona real test was 126, so I’m guessing my real IQ is somewhere in that ballpark

around 145 if i can remember. it was before sz…i was on 3-5 % of population

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IQ tests are pretty long and drawn out,

And I don’t think a hospital would have too much use for that information.

They would want to know about where you stand intelligence wise,

But no need for an IQ score.

Really, I don’t think I’ve ever tested my IQ,

Not sure if I’m interested either.

I think I’m smart, that’s enough, right…


The test was not short. It was between 5 and 10 A4 pages and I didn’t had time to finish it all in 3 minutes. That was frustrating… but what I had time to do, I did it all correctly, even while being manic & psychotic at the time. I wonder if I scored higher because of the mania/psychosis…

That’s called a speed test. It’s supposed to be so long that you won’t be able to finish it. But 3 minutes is still extremely short and not enough to reliably estimate your actual IQ.


If that’s the test I think it is, it is a standard test they give people in psych wards. We took it once at school, and I’ve taken it twice in mental health centers. It’s a very imprecise instrument. I think there was only question I got wrong at school. It was a progression, and I knew what the progression was, but I didn’t know of a synonym for “plank” and “meals”. It was “board”. After I found that out I think I aced the test the next two times I took it.

Also, if you were possibly manic or hypomanic, and not just psychotic, it is very possible that your performance was in fact enhanced. But usually, when you reach mania (which is beyond hypomania) your performance will suffer because of it.

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My first IQ test they would not tell me the results. I had a second IQ test a couple of years later, and I got 156
I sometimes wonder where I would be if I didn’t have sz.


110 by a doctor’s opinion. I took the online mensa test and got in the 120s. Seems like they don’t want to pay or cover an IQ test right now. I tried.

I think IQ testing is an interesting phenomenon.

I mean, my husband has a high IQ,

However, he’s spent the whole week trying to figure out why I’m so mad at him.

Its obvious.

Not a girl thing where I’m upset about some weird perceived injustice, or he didn’t notice my new haircut,

This is something we’ve talked about. Talked about THIS WEEK.

He can do some wicked algebra in his head, he can find a pattern in anything, his ideas are incredible,

But he’s not getting laid tonight…

You can’t snuggle an IQ score so what’s the deal?


Well, uhm… You could tell him? Again? :sweat_smile:

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I measured with a 135…

I’ve spent a lot of times looking into the concept of IQ and I’ll tell you basically everyone has moments of extreme brilliance…

For me I find it’s easier to think when no pressure is involved.

I’ve even heard folks spouting out that genius has an accessible vibe to it… that everyone can tap into when they find their element. It sounds like some spooky jedi crap… like genius will flow into you when you are deserving or know how to work with it. That it can be honed and made seemingly more accessible to the self.

In my own personal experience that is sort of true… when I really gotta solve a problem there are about 10 other things I have to do just to get my mind right… and when I do the answers just click. Being patient with the self and insistent on reviewing challenges also provides a lot of clarity.

I’m sitting at the “entry level genius” category… but really I can keep up in convo with most anyone about most anything… Recently someone suggested that mine is much higher…

I have a friend with an IQ of 160… and it’s ironic because his brain is wholly incompatible with anything structured at all… at the same time I think just as quickly as he does and understand about 100% of what he says.

I’m trying to say it’s irrelevant to put too much weight behind it. One wins and a whole host of others get discouraged… then a lot of people just step away and keep on being brilliant in whatever realms they are.

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I don’t even have the concentration to do an IQ test. Does that make me a dumb ass ?

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He’s a grown ass man,

And I told him effing Tuesday night!

But you’re right,

I’m going to have to tell him AGAIN,

Always do.

Still, he has a super high IQ…