Didn't manage shit today

my head has been so painful recently that i haven’t managed a lot round the house and i’m ashamed. i haven’t taken the doogies to the woods for two days now and that pisses me off bcoz it always lifts my spirit but i haven’t felt well enough to do so. sure, i’ve done the shopping, loaded the dishwasher, taken max to school and picked him up but that’s about it. bollox! don’t mind me, just having a self pity moment. drs on monday to hopefully get some answers or at least start the ball rolling. i cut out aspartame from my diet from last night and it takes up to four weeks to get out of ur system so we’ll c what happens on that score.

you are always so hard on your self i personally have only admiration for you, and if you are not feeling well of course you are not going to do much !
i have learnt to pace myself, everyone has their good and bad days, hope your head is feeling better.
take care


There is always tomorrow Jaynebeal - maybe tomorrow will be a more productive day and you might even feel better, hope you do soon :smiley:


I agree with Darksith, you are always very hard on yourself.

You do more in a “nothing done” day then I can do in a week. I also have a lot of admiration for you and with as much as your head is killing you… your still there for your kids.

Seeing you tame your head circus and be there for your kids gives me hope that I can do this. I can make it and be Dad in this life and be a good one. That’s one of my goals anyway.


You do more on a bad day than i can manage on a good day. I admire you. Today i should wash/wash my hair/shave/ and change my clothes, but i keep putting it off and going back to bed.


I guess I’m hard on myself for two reasons. Firstly I come from a family ofhigh achievers and iI’m the odd one out. Secondly if I’m not hard on myself I’d end up doing nothing at all. Thank u so much for the kind comments. They mean so much. James I think ud make a very loving father. Xxx

U have kids to look after and a family to take care of that would mean a lot of stress and demands. I think it would not be easy to anybody.

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You are too hard on yourself jaynebeal. Really you are.
I think your trouble is you are marking your results in what is accomplished in a 24 hour period, and if you fall short, you discount anything already done.
I do things in phases, and sometimes it’s a lot, sometimes not much, but if looked at over the course of a month, it’s pretty impressive (if only to me).

Bottom line is, your kids and pets are taken care of, the rest of the stuff isn’t as important, and can wait until later. If you give yourself permission to take it easy when you don’t feel good, you will get much more done when you do feel good. It’s all about balance.