Todays tasks

after nearly two weeks of doing virtually nothing and being stuck on the bed with migraines, today i tried aspirin and it worked. i managed to get out to the forest with the dogs for two miles, put a wash on and loaded the dishwasher. not much i know but it’s a start i guess. i’m hoping tomorrow is better. the meds r wearing off and the pain is coming back but i’ve taken two muscle relaxants and two diazepam so should hopefully sleep soon. i hope i can get back on track tomorrow and start getting things done again. how was your day?


Walking the dogs sounds neat. Do they get to run free?

I thinned out the old roots of my dwarf bamboo so I could put it in it’s pot. I saved some of the runners to put in a shallow bonsai pot. It’s now in the garage covered by some wet dirt. I hope to put them in the pots tomorrow. I haven’t grown bamboo before.

Has it been two weeks since you had that spurt of energy? Maybe you’ve developed a new cycle of activity - rest.
The weather got up to above 40 F so we were happy, excepting the furnace had died sometime during the night. A repairman fixed it by afternoon.

sorry to hear about your migrains, they are a bugger.
today i went in to town/village got coffee and slice and had to drive through four herds of cattle , it was slow,
but hey it was a good coffee …mmmmm…i loovvee cooofffeeeeee…!
take care

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I had to go to the bank to ask a stupid question, or more like it was stupid to have to ask it but I can’t assume my bank will do what they are supossed to…sad.
Then I had to get a stamp from the post office, had no clue they now cost .49 cents. Think the last time I put a stamp on a piece of mail it was .32 cents.
Then off to the grocery store for a pastry and soda before meeting my ex husband at his shop. Not there long, just to pick up a couple of things. Then stopped at my mom’s, but she wasn’t there.
Last was to stop and get some Tacos at a local dive.
After eating them we decided the $20 was burning a hole in his pocket so back to 2 more shops to part with our money. Got nothing but a pkg of undies and socks, a T-shirt and sweats. Found a set of keys someone dropped in the parking lot of the store and turned them in. Was surprised by the guy at the store who kept saying that it was so nice of us to turn the keys in and thanks over and over? Wasn’t that the only thing to do? Later I thought, maybe someone would have been trying all the car doors in the parking lot and (?) drive off in the car?? Hehehe IDK…struck me as…
Wow, how not interesting.

absolutely pob. i love watching them run about and snuffling everything. i only put them on the lead if i c a horse coz they both like to chase them. but other than that, yeah they run free. brilliant to watch them running about like mad things! lol