What helps you all during the day

Do you like to go by a schedule? Have certain traditions? Do things out of the ordinary? What does everyone do to make time worthwhile? I personally like to mix things up a lot around a set schedule and try to invoke creativity into my life even if its silly creativity.


I mix it up. I tend to isolate, but today out of the blue I went to meet some friends, it was good


Watching sports in tv helps pass the time. And family

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Smoke cigarettes and go on the Internet.

Yea mixing it up is always fun and family certainly does help. And I can relate with the cigarettes, I use a vape now but I used to smoke and got enjoyment from the act of smoking not even the buzz or the nicotine just the act of taking a 5 minute break from the day. Anyone use creativity in their lives? Like music, writing, thinking of wacky scenarios? I find doing stuff like that always brightens up the day especially if I don’t have an end goal with my creativity just doing it for the fun of it.

I have a schedule most days so I can get done what I need to get done…

I give myself time to decompress…
I love to swim… it’s noiseless underwater… with just the black line down the bottom of the pool… it’s very easy to just focus on that.

I try to go a little further out each time I try and face something.

I have a LOT of help from some of my family…

I also go to therapy and learn coping tools for things like anxiety and anger management… and repetitive catastrophic thinking… and hallucinations.


I like to sleep all day, and then stay up all night when nobody else is.


not sitting at home surfing takes a huge amount of discipline for me but i have kids so luckily there are certain things i have to do in life that keep me occupied. i like to write poetry, stories, mash up some music in my head day dream up new inventions, ideas and stories that kind of thing…it balances out the routine of my life like clearing up after two teens. taking them to either school or training and picking them up, cooking food…just generally being a mother…right now i’m in the middle of decorating my lounge to make it look nice for us. though it’s taken me a month so far as i had to save to get all the stuff…so the house is a pit right now…today i’m buying the wallpaper for the lounge :slight_smile:


I work monday to friday and weekends I have friends, video games and watching sport take up my time. All this keeps me focused away from the voices. With the help of medication of course!

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I walk every morning although today woke up late
I then meditate for 20 min
Go on internet
Drink tea

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I never set a schedule because it makes me feel uptight. I usually listen to music. I like creativity, even though I don’t actually “create” anything. I like to feel creative, like seeing images (not illusion) and just feeling a mood. I try not to feel negative. I try not to tire myself. Boredom is good for me :slight_smile:

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I have longed for any type of schedule, but just can’t do it.
I like routine and the security that comes with it, although I can’t seem to make or follow one anymore.

I lose my to do lists before finishing the first item, and start many things but rarely finish one.
This house is a constant battle to clean and organize.

I am good at making schedules, but terrible at following them! :frowning: I think having a coffee break is a good booster for me and motivates me to do housework better than a schedule. :blush: Then to relax I look forward to reading a good book or watching TV or coming on here. When I have a bad day I like to sleep a lot.

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Visiting this site helps me. I live in an assisted living center for the mentally ill, so I go to day treatment during the day. It’s a pretty loose affair. We have one or two short groups, and then we’re free to drift through the day. They have internet computers in the clubhouse where we have day treatment. I usually listen to music on them. I do this because I experience a downturn in my energy in the afternoons, and I need something to pick me up. If I get into anything too serious I fall asleep. Something about that clubhouse makes me sleepy in the afternoons.

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i have a strict regular schedule. not just for the mind, but b/c i am diabetic and i must eat my meals at certain times of the day. when i get up in the morning, the very first thing i do, besides checking my blood sugars and giving myself insulin, is to eat a good breakfast. then, a trick i learned during a stay in the hospital, is to make my bed immediately. this helps b/c it keeps me from getting back under the covers and spending my day in bed in my PJs depressed, and alone w/ my symptoms.

i am in AA for many many years, so i have a few sober friends that i hook up w/ at the meetings. this is the height of my “social” hour. it helps me to get somewhat out of myself. i need to focus on the others who are in this support group. then, i go out to lunch w/ another AAer who happens to be Schizophrenic too. the time we spend together helps me to feel understood and not alone.

I spend most of the day doing errands in the neighborhood and around the house. then i go on the internet while i keep the TV on. it makes me feel like i have other people in the house and less alone. i know it may sound odd, but it works for me. i try to do things where i must use all of my attention so that it quiets the voices in my head. this, i find, is very difficult. but i will take a PRN if needed and get back to it.

and BTW, i am, for the most part, rather anti-social, but i have been married to my husband for over 21 years now. he is my rock. maybe this will help someone else.


I go to a day program monday - friday, it helps me

Currently I wake up really early, have coffee and check emails. Then I finish work, then I go on this forum. Then I wash the dishes, clean the apartment, wash the toilet and sink. Then I go for a walk, come back shower, cook. I usually go out at night, meet friends or eat out and I drink cocktails. Now after vacation, I might adopt a puppy and I’m gonna start intense training. I might also takr some new courses, let’s see if I can get on disability :heart_decoration:

Going to the gym in the morning, going out during the day. Sometimes stay inside if feeling anxious. Eating lunch at home. Going online. Talking with my sibling. Taking meds. Falling asleep.

When my boy puts his arms around me and starts kissing me I feel like I’m not grateful enough for what i have.

I have no schedule whatsoever. The closest it gets is when I have doctors appointments. After reading all your replies maybe I should get in to some sort of routine. Right now I just sit around the house and do nothing of value all day, just playing around on the internet.