What helps best with thought disorder?

I want to know if there is a medication that helps out best with thought disorder

Thought disorder is a little non-specific … can you give more details?

Literal disordered thinking. Tangential speaking and thinking. Derailment. Sz obviously affects the way a person thinks. Does medication help this?

Medication will help with your thinking. I notice that my thoughts tend to stray from what I try to think about. That I think is the illness. Also, try and slow your thoughts down some, as with SZ thoughts will tend to race on.

Please explain your problem more clearly,


Positive symptoms are helped by antispychotic drugs. Modern Atypicals are best…zyprexa, risperdal, abilify etc etc…there’s a variety these days and that is great. You really need a good treatment team…ie shrink to find what works for you…

Negative symptoms are another story. They are, according to my shrink, a more frontal lobe problem and we aren’t there yet in things to improve that…

In answer to your question. Antipsychotics are it!

A friend in the struggle,



Thank you, I’m not entirely sure as to whether it falls under positive or negative. Thought blocking I guess would fall under negative but tangential speaking and derailing I’m not sure what it would fall under.

Although it can obviously be thought of as missing some kind of order, which would fit the definition of negative symptoms, disorganized thinking (and behavior) is categorized as a positive symptom. My not so severe symptoms of disorganized thinking and behavior are mostly gone, but I’m not sure exactly what role antipsychotics played in that part of my recovery. I do think they helped in some way, though.

I don’t know if this is exactly what you need,
but I feel that my capacity to use my brain has improved and I have essentially significantly less intrusive thoughts
and voices plus I have better capacity to do something cognitively, better able to tap my potential.
Thanks to what- I started consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables daily in the last few days.
Perhaps you can try this and it might help you.

In my case, not thinking solved my problem.
Not trying to be a smart mouth, but my “Formal thought disorder” seems to become entangled when I put too much thought into what I’m saying, and I get stuck.