What happens if I reduce amisulpride to 200mg?

now i am currently taking 800mg ot but i have read in case of negative symptoms patients are taking 50-300 mg ot. to me I prefer the characteristic and I would love to reduce it.

Ask your psychiatrist.


No one can predict how you’ll be on 200mg. 200mg is a low dose. Others who are on 200-400mg here use a 2nd antipsychotic like Zyprexa.

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i take olanzapine 10mg also.

I take 200mg amisulpride and 5mg olanzapine. 200mg is my minimum dose and if I get more symptoms I increase it to 300mg or maybe 400mg (which is my prescription dose). It was thru trial and error i figured it out. But it’s risky so always keep extra pills in case of need.

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I have dropped my Amisulpride from 800mg to 600mg

Want to be on 400mg eventually.

If you drop get people to support you rather than going rogue and worrying people

That’s is what I have now finally learned to do