Amisulpride dose reduction

I was perfectly fine with amisulpride 200 mg for a year now… Today pdoc reduced my dose to 150 mg… Will my delusions comeback… i had a relapse once when i quit resperidone… is 150 mg potent dose??? Please help

I’m on amisulpride 200mg and through trial and error I’ve come to see that this is my minimum dose. 400mg was the prescribed dose and I’m very well on it but it’s expensive so I cope on 200mg.

Recently I tried again to cope on 100mg and four days later became psychotic (evil spirit in my mind tried to control me and tell me to kill my husband) so had to take 300mg for two days then back to 200mg and problems subsided

Of course everyone is different. Another member on here is on 800mg and found when he was on 600mg it was too little so pushed it back up

I stay on 200mg which i take in morning and on bad day (usually when hearing voices or getting agitated or hypomanic) I take extra 100mg at night

I’m on 5mg olanzapine as well which if that wasn’t there I’d need to take at least 400mg amisulpride but the little olanzapine I take means I can cope on less amisulpride

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