How quickly should I reduce Amisulpride?

I am on 800mg per day

My plan is to drop 100mg per week, until I get to around 200mg

Do you think this is enough time to not have any withdrawal symptoms?

I am having to go a bit DIY on my meds

I will just go with my own suggestion.

Last time I reduced my medication myself I relapsed. Now I’m on injections.


I am on 200mg amisulpride and was on 400mg in hospital but reduced it myself. I just jumped from 400-200 but I don’t know how it would be with 800! When I dropped it to 200mg I was still ok but tried 100mg and it wasn’t enough and relapsed so had to return to 200mg.

Why do you say you have to do it yourself? Is there not a possibility to do it with your pdoc’s help?

If not then maybe try 100mg less each week. I found my relapse happened within a week - maybe it will be same for you. Hope you don’t relapse!

Good luck - and be careful!

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I think you should do it according to your dr’s plan. Tell your dr you’d like to decrease your dose and why. Then follow their advice as to how to do it


Thanks for sharing your experiences @Hadeda

I could do it with doc’s help, but I have fallen out with the mental health services.

Don’t think there is much to it.

Just need to be careful.

Probably can’t start it until I am off Diazepam though. Did dropping the Amisulpride make you feel ill?

Coming of Diazepam is making my whole body feel rotten. I hope Ami isn’t the same

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The only advice I can give you is to have medical supervision. DIY dose reduction I have made were never a good idea.

What is I cut the tablets into 50mg’s and drop it even less a week at a time? That could work?

The problem is that you want to drop from 800 to 200 mg. It’s a big cut. No matter the reduction mode 100 or 50. The problem is when you are on 200mg. Would it be enough to neutralize anxiety and symptoms? If not, how long could you support underdosage? Would you be able to increase the dose if you feel bad? Do you have the insight to prevent any symptoms relapse? These are the questions you should answer before DIY dose reduction.

I take Pregabalin for anxiety now, so that should be ok

My symptoms I think are overmedicated, and the only reason I could slip up is if I go too fast. My main problem is telling the difference between psychosis and withdrawals

I could increase if need be, but I am doing this secretly without telling anyone, so it would be up to me to take more if I needed to.

My insight is very good.

Okay. Maybe you should target a level at 500mg during a few weeks and if you are okay then decrease to 300mg progressively by 50mg/week. 200mg sounds too low for me now. I have been on 200mg during a long duration and with the time being it revealed to be a too low dosage. Apparently amisulpride is less effective at the same dosage with the time being. But why not 200mg for you ! I used to be on that dose during many years. And I was okay.

This is what I mean about the dose.

It really pisses me off because periodically they throw all these meds at me to stop me being admitted, but the AP is the one that has consistently stayed at the higher end dosages.

I can never seem to get that one lowered.

Now I take Pregabalin for Anxiety, I accept that, but I am not upping the dose as I come off Diazepam.

Ready to drop procyclidine now as the jerking movements were from the Levomepromozine I was taking as a sleeping aid

Just a mess. No doctor seems proactively taking an interest to adjust meds at all

At my last appointment the psychiatrist asked me why I wanted to come off unnecessary meds and lower doses so badly

Sure that overmedication is not a good thing except for the pocket of Big Pharma.

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Only if it drops below 200mg. Sometimes on 200mg I relapse from time to time but if I - or pdocs - increase it to 300mg - 400mg then I recover

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Were you ever stable on a dose lower than 800 or they started you on 800? Its really up to you but know the risks if you loose insight. I loose insight on low doses and refuses meds but not on a dose close to a working one. I went down by myself 4-3mg Risperdal, with stress I was having paranoia and delusions with some hallucinations, I bumped back to 5mg bcz 4mg didn’t work, then went down to 4mg stable.

I suggest you to aim 400-500 but its really your choice.

We cross tapered from Haloperidol to Amisulpride. I think we started at 200mg, and it went up to 800mg pretty quickly. It just seemed to work, so they haven’t touched it for two years.

One thing I have noticed is that reducing a med or stopping a med usually creates so much stress on it’s own that it can cause an episode.

I was on 1200 mg. Solian with 400 mg clopixol by weekly. If you got many positives then you might need at least 400 mg amisulpride. But if you mainly suffer from the negatives it is best to be on 200 mg Solian.

When I get more positive symptoms I take 300-400mg amisulpride but when I’m doing well I take 200mg. I’m prescribed 400mg which is dose I do best at but because of expenses I take less - and most of the time I’m ok on 200mg