What goes through someones head when they cheat?

I don’t know where to begin. I can relate to your thoughts on the matter @anon80629714. To those forum users that remember me, you might know I myself am asexual. I’ve been missing in action before (so to speak). People have thought of me as a drug addict, as a lunatic, as a dead person. My sincerest apology for those I have wronged, at one point in my life before all the antipsychotics, before the diagnosis, a few prescription drugs were misprescribed to me. It is a sad case of negligence. It is why I try to live life without drug abuse. It may be veering off topic and so I’ll explain, considering I am asexual, it was as if I had become another person and died. I’m not willing to say it was cheating when as an asexual, I have been filled with drugs.

My boyfriend cheated on his x wife with a friend of theirs and she was married too.

She forgave him but then he cheated with her again when his wife had come through cancer and she didn’t forgive him the second time.

They had sex while his wife was at work because he worked night shift.

I cheated when I was around 18.
I don’t think I had sex with anyone else but kissed others and got eaten out by another when I had a boyfriend.
I was really drunk though.
It happened several times when I was really drunk.

Another time I cheated when I was out drunk at a nightclub and woke up at some strangers place.i felt drugged and I can’t remember but when I got home to my boyfriend he said I had semen running down my legs.

That’s all I can remember.

Possibly I might of cheated when I was overseas in another country from my then boyfriend.

I’m sober and faithful now adays.:open_mouth:
And want the same from my partner.

I cheated once when I was 18. but I saw how much it hurt the other person and swore never to do it again.

Basically, the relationship had been going south for a while. We were both controlling towards one another, and she was very codependent, more than I could handled.
Instisted I didn’t smoke, drink, have piercings or tattoos. I could probably do fine without those things, but I felt like I wasn’t allowed to be myself because she wanted me to be someone I was not.

I started hanging out with an old friend, and we developed feelings for each other. One night we got drunk together and made out, and when she found out she was crushed.

I guess I told myself the relationship was dying anyways, and her controlling behaviour meant she expected me to hurt her, so I might as well.
Not that that’s an excuse.

But if you tell someone too many times “I’m sure you’re gonna do this someday”, they will start to wonder if maybe they should.

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So how would folks here react if someone married made a move on you while you were single? That happened to me a few months ago. I very politely declined. Too bad one of the single ones didn’t try…

At the start of my sz I cheated because Abilify made me hypersexual, I needed sex every hour and my gf couldn’t she was at work, I told her I cheated and we left each other. Anyways now I don’t have money for a new relationship, I can’t work or receive disablity money here.

I thought about using my parents’s money but no girl on earth want that even if my parents accepted. No girl on earth wants a jobless and a no money guy.

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I nearly forced her into sex because of my sex addiction from Abilify. Before Abilify we were satisfied with sex everyday she wanted kids by stopping her contraceptive pills but after I took Abilify I needed sex every hour. Its weird because we were happy and compatible before taking Abilify.

The lesson that I learned is that sex is a biological need and it can be reduced or increased with meds or drugs.

could you not fulfil some of your sexual needs with masturbation. idk how it works


Before taking Abilify I never masturbated since I was with her. I took Abilify and started masturbating 6 times a day, sometimes more and had pain in the testicles. I felt that masturbation is a form of cheating on her. Even masturbating 6 times a day didn’t satisfy me, I craved human flesh and real sex.

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sorry I forgot if you said already but are you still gonna go on a low dose of abilify or was it not working out?

im glad you don’t feel hypersexual anymore

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No I stopped it, it made me hypersexual, very fast ejaculations and too much masturbation.

You make a good point.

My aunt cheated on my uncle and had a baby with another guy. My uncle adopted that baby. Well, he’s 19 now.

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I’m glad you finally learned you just can’t do relationships and stopped instead of continuing to hurt people. To me that shows growth.

I really do believe there are some people who just are not monogamous. They struggle bc our society values monogamy and its the “norm”. They try to have monogamous relationships but inevitably fail because that is just not who they are. There’s nothing wrong with not being able to be a monogamous person, unless you KNOW you cannot be a monogamous person and you willingly enter into a relationship with someone who wants you to be monogamous to them anyways. That’s messed up.

It just sounds like it took you a while to learn that you could not be monogamous is all.


Good question maybe i should ask my ex

I had two boyfriends want to be swingers.ha ha ha

I don’t want to be a swinger but I guess it works for some people.

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