What drug gave you the least amount of side effects

And are you still on it

I would say Geodon and Seroquel. Yes, I’m still on them both.

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Probably the invega. I’ve only been on a few meds. They don’t really seem to work for me. So I’ll stick with the super cheap generic risperdal at 2 mg. just to be safe.

I don’t really get side effects. I’m sure my prolactin levels are high and I did gain some weight that first year but that tapered off. Might have lost some of it at this point.

Haldol was the worst for me. Completely unable to find physical comfort. That week was hell.

Flupenthixol Depot but I don’t think it’s available in the US I live in Australia I get
a 60mg injection every 2weeks it causes bad Akathisia but for me being a restless and kinda busy mind anyway it is better than sedation & lethargy I’ve been on nearly all old & new drugs none of them worked for the first 5 or 6 years really until 2010 when I went on this depot I found Risperdal & Olanzapine the worst for dysphoria but seroquel made me lethargic it’s all trial & error & ones own unique biochemistry

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I am on prolixin (fluphenazine) and I love it. no side effects whatsoever.

low dose of haldol.

Geodon gives me the least amount of side effects. I was on abilify and saphris before that and they both gave me uncontrollable leg shakes. They called it restless leg syndrome but it was caused by the medicine.

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Right now it’s Latuda and Seroquel. Finally in balance. Seroquel alone made me very sedate. But when it got cut back and the Latuda added, that really helped me.

I would say clozapine gives me the least amount of side effects, I think it increases prolactin the least of any of the antipsychotics.

Gee - I can’t decide. They all came with unwanted baggage. Least side effects - Geodon. Worst side effects - Geodon. Most good effects - Geodon.

Best and least amount of side effects is amisulpride (Solian). Still on it for a year and a half already. Risperidone was good, too but it made me leak breast milk. Clozapine was the worst side effects, but I wasn’t on it long enough to give it a chance to work, only 10 months.

For me its been Saphris and Zoloft combo.

Abilify and Lamictal. Seroquel, Invega, Risperdal, and Depakote weren’t my favorites due to things like agitation, restlessness, and foggy mind.