Oh great. now i have to decide which drug to go back on

Been on:
Zyprexa —worked for a while, then fell off
Remeron —nothing
Seroquel ---- see below
Risperdal ----good results, BAD side effects
Latuda ----nothing
Geodon ----felt like sugar pills
…can’t remember the rest its kind of a haze

Seroquel worked well enough but coming off it was brutal. Stomachache nausea headache etc… And I was a total zombie.
Dr suggested fanapt? Abilify anyone tried it? Dr said it could make me anxious does it get rid of side effects? What works for you and what symptoms does it relieve?
thanks. Don’t wanna be on em but stress is amping up the as previously named ‘head circus’

nothing so far has worked for me at all…and i don’t think it will tbh but i’m going to try haldol next injection. i’ve heard good and bad things about it but i’m willing to try. abilify made me sooo paranoid and they won’t mix abilify in the uk. seroquel made me fat as did zyprexa and rispiridone gave me td. fingers crossed for the haldol, though i’m not holding out much hope tbh. guess u just have to try them all hunni as i’m doing. good luck!

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Thanks, luck to you too! Nothing has worked 100% for me either. I had the same problem with zyprexa but the seroquel I tried after I’d gained the weight and just kind of plateaued. I’ve lost almost 20lbs in a year from the meds by eating better…and no meds to make me so hungry I can’t get full. Hated the munchie feeling. Tomorrow I see him and will have to decide between new (abilify) or old (seroquel). Risk anxiety filled brain or just become the walking dead again

I have been on Risperidone, Risperdal IMI, Clopixol depot, Olexar and Abilify. The best so far for me is Abilify with the least side effects of them all.


Abilify has been a lifesaver. I take 5mg of it everyday with hardly any side effects. Yes I get anxious but I can bear a little anxity over the weight gain and other serious side effects.

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Thanks for the help! I decided to get back on seroquel, apparently there is a bigger risk of lactation with abilify. (doctor told me that) I had it happened to me with risperidone and it was terrible. Maybe one day ill be adventerous and give abilify a try but so far the seroquel is working out really well.

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There’s always Clozapine. It requires blood tests but it has an incredible reputation. It’s often used when all the other meds don’t work, and it really works the vast majority of the time. It’s sedating and causes night time drooling sometimes, but there are meds for the drooling and coffee is a medicated schizophrenic’s best friend!

I wish you the best of luck- I am in remission on Geodon and Xanax and Propanolol, they work to reduce anxiety (xanax and propanolol), stop psychosis(geodon) and relieve the restless legs side effect(xanax and propanolol). Xanax and propanolol work for both muscle relaxation to treat the side effects of Geodon (restless legs) and to reduce anxiety. I also happen to have high blood pressure, and propanolol also treats HBP. It’s a great system and it works for me.

But Clozapine is like the red button of psychiatry, its possible side effect of altering the white blood cell count is potentially fatal (hence the weekly blood tests) but it’s known to be a miracle drug for some schizophrenics.


I liked clozaril, except for the physical side effects which included sedation. When I took it I used up all of my yarn - crocheted four blankets and knitted all the sweaters I’d always wanted to knit. I could sit still in a small group of people + seem somewhat normal. When I switched to Zyprexa I liked it better. I take a small amount of risperdal to get rid of the munchies. Can’t sit still.