Poll: What has been your favourite anti psychotic

Athough on risperdal in terms of effect therapeutically I would say olanzapine. I’ve tried to cover as many antipsychotics as possible.

  • Largactil
  • Mellaril
  • Loxitane
  • Trilafon
  • Navane
  • Stelazine
  • Haldol
  •  Prolixin
  •      Abilify
  •      Saphris     
  •        Clozaril
  •        Latuda
  •         Zyprexa
  •          Invega
  •          Seroquel
  •           Risperdal
  • Serdolect
  • Geodon
  • Other

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I’m currently on Abilify and I must say it is the least sedating of all the anti psychotics I’ve tried out. Abilify gets my vote.

Yeah Abilify is ahead so far, I am surprised, but I guess many people like it - was a disaster for me

I didn’t have a good first experience with abilify. I later learned I was started on too high a dose and it caused me uncomfortable side effects. Once I’d established some trust however with the staff at my last treatment program I agreed to give it another try. This time starting on a very low dose, it turns out this low dose was all I needed and side effects other than weight gain were minimal if existent at all.

My vote goes to Abilify.

I was on all kinds of different doses with Abilify - it didn’t matter which dose I was on, it just wasn’t working out for me.
It was pretty good for depression, and I did like the fact that it didn’t raise my blood sugar so much - I actually was able to lose weight on it - I voted for Risperdal

I voted for zyprexa but that was based on placing more emphasis on effect than side effect. It worked when I took it but I tended to struggle with the sedation and looking after an ill wife.
10 mgs was too sedating, 2.5 mgs little sedation but little therapeutic effect,5 mgs just about got the balance right.

I am on prolixin, and it was my vote. I consider it a wonder drug.

There are some that I really dislike but none I’d say I like or favor over another.

For my antispychotic, I get Invega Sustenna now, with a combination of oral Risperdal, and that seems to be the right combination for me. I’ve tried some that I’ve really liked taking but because of side effects had to discontinue.

The only med i have tried and i am still on it is risperdal. But i am coming off it. And maybe latter i will try different one.

I wouldn’t say I have any anti-psychotic that is a “favorite”. I have a couple of least hated anti-psychotics, like Geodon and Seroquel. Those are the med’s I tolerate best.

I vote for Solian, it works for me - most of the time.

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I have had the best effects and the least amount of side effects from Geodon.

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Geodon is a miracle drug for me. Once a day and i’m good with no side effects. I also like benztropine aka cogentin but I don’t know if it is an antipsychotic.
I was on haldol for a couple of months and gained 5 pounds per week! It was horrible. Seroquel did nothing… Idk why my doctor said she prescribes it to everyone…other patients I would see there were always wacked out and not taken cate of; pretty unethical. So nay to haldol and seroquel.

Jack Daniels and Dexedrine.

Stelazine was good for paranoia but made me tired
Sulpuride was probably the best

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iam in risperdal which its is my 1 antipshychotic and feel great.

Latuda is my favorite

Zyprexa is the best AP I’ve been on.

Another vote for Zyprexa

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