What dose of Risperidone are you on?

I am just curios what is typical. I was on 2mg for 6 to 8 months and I tolerated that. After a relapse I was put on 5mg. Couldn’tevin begin to tolerate that and immediately tapered down to 2mg again. Now I am on 1mg and so far so good. I don’t take any other AP’s. I take 600mg of Trileptal which may get dropped pretty soon as we don’t think I’m Bipolar… My doc tried to cross taper me onto Latuda and that was (just getting over it) an insomnia nightmare. I have dropped the Latuda. I have been on medication a total of 13 months.
What is your current dose of Risperidone? Do you take any other AP’s? How long have you been medicated?

I take 3 1/2 mg every night plus a 50 mg shot every 2 weeks…

I have only been off since 1st week of july - when I was taking risperdone I was taking a total of 15 then 18mg a day with zoloft, trazodone, and trihexyl. I slept most of the day/night awake only for a few hours. This was what I took for 6yrs.

When a 2nd ap was added that is when I had issues - my blood pressure would skyrocket and drop fast and I would get dizzy. Had to stop it so then my pdoc stopped the trihexyl which caused me to get TD symptoms so I stopped all the meds and searched for a new doc.

Holy crap! 18 mg of Risperidone? That’s a sh** ton. I didn’t know they even made pills that went that high. I couldn’t even tolerate 5mg. It was awful. Glad you’re onto a new regimen that I assume is working for you.

Trileptol did nothing for me

Neither did lithium

But my pdoc insisted on prescribing bi polar meds

When I might as well been taking sugar pills

Ya, I dropped my Trileptal from 1200mg to 600mg and didn’t notice anything. I was originally diagnosed as Bipolar because I had a psychotic episode that looked like a lot like mania. I have been on the Trileptal since the beginning but we are going to take me off of it altogether and see how I do.

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On 25 mgs Risperdal consta. Been on it since May 2009. Been on APs 24 of the last 40 years(had 16 years just on a mood stabiliser).

I am med resistant so to get rid of any symptoms I always have had to take higher than normal doses.

i used to take 4 mg. now i take 2 mg.

im on 2mg resperidone and 160 mg of geodon

I have been on 4 mg then 2 then 4 after I started to hear voices again. I guess since I have some insomnia I should never go on Latuda then?

I had HORRIBLE insomnia on Latuda. I have chronic insomnia anyway but , by that, I mean I sleep 4-5 hrs a night, sometimes more and it’s broken sleep. On latuda, I didn’t sleep AT ALL. I ended up in the ER where they gave me Ambien and I was able to sleep a few hours. Not much but a little. I am just now clearing Latuda from my system. I don’t need any help with insomnia. I read online that many people experience insomnia on Latuda. Some folks do great on it. I was bummed because it’s weight neutral and I though I might drop a few lbs. But I can’t take that crap. No chance.

Good to know I’ll stay away from it.

Im on 10mg, @mjgh06 may i ask what drug you are on now?

none currently - I have a new pdoc appt this Tuesday. I don’t know what their is left to try for me. I have tried just about everything I can - I think if I can manage my panic attacks/anxiety and seizures I will hopefully be able to manage my other symptoms or just deal.

Big enough to knock out a dog, but small enough so a horse wouldn’t feel it.

But seriuosly, I take 5 mg a day, 7 days a week.

Sometimes I don’t take any on February 29 when it’s a Leap year. It’s my my own special way of protesting the inhumane treatment of labratory rats by callous medical researchers.


4mg :open_mouth:

When I was on risperidone my average dose was 2.5mg - I am completely off of it now.

I am on 12mg a day. i sleep well and don’t see or hear things. it’s great.

I quit using 4 mg Resperidone. Now, I am using only one small dose of anti-psychotic…

Ziprasidone 40 mg which has very low or negligible side effects and at low dose I don’t feel any

That link is latest development on why I quit Resperidone