Is geodon effective for getting rid of voices?

What is your experience? I am currently switching to geodon.

I’ve heard it is moderately effective.

It helps me. But I take a lot of it.

How much? 151515

I take 80 mg twice a day. Before that I was just taking 20 mg at night but I was really unstable on that dose.

The 80 morning and night quells my hallucinations but I have visuals that also talk to me more than voices but I did have voices too. I also got text messages in my head. The voices and visuals are all strangers that I know of. It’s not easy to tell when I am hallucinating because it’s very realistic. But the text messages all come from people I know. It says who it’s from when it pops in my head. The last one I got was from my wife and that’s been several years ago now.

So long as I don’t miss a dose I don’t hallucinate anymore. But occasionally I forget my morning dose and I get some visuals.

I also take 40 mg of Latuda a day.

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