What does your voices sound/look like?

I was just wondering what everyone’s voices sound or look like? I have one voice named Alex and he looks and sounds like the actor Jeffery Donovan from the show Burn Notice. Are the voices negative or positive? For me Alex is always positive.

I don’t actually hear anything with my ears. They talk directly to my brain. Sometimes I hear what they are saying and sometimes they talk to my subconscious and I don’t hear anything but they control how I feel, what I believe and my behavior. In short, mind control. Sometimes I hear them and sometimes I don’t but I never hear anything with my ears.

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That is how I am. I don’t actually hear him. The voice is like a thought inside my head.

the voices inside my head are like beavis and butthead or an annoying high pitched girly voice…

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Alien the main voice sounds like a man’s voice. His cronies sound like cartoon voices or laughter and sometimes there’s a female voice too.

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Ahh, this is going to be a long post. Well the demons tend to change form so I can’t really speak for them. Usually disturbing looking.

Gloria is a pretty woman with brown hair she keeps pulled up in a high ponytail and brown eyes and dresses like she’s from very old times, in this large gown that covers everything even her neck.

Thomas is a man (though he’s also appeared as a teen before?) w some degree of Asian, has light brown hair and eyes, glasses, dresses nice, slacks, dress shirt, tie.

Rose is African American, also very pretty with long dreads. I don’t talk to her much though as she’s supposed to help me with my sexuality and I’m not up to that yet.

Gunn is a a guy who’s a bit younger than me. Blonde hair, brown eyes. Tall and lanky. (Used to be shorter than me!)

The Professor looks very Freudian. Old guy.

Claire has light brown hair and eyes and generally wears a ponytail and loose baggy clothing. She’s just a kid. Tiny little thing.

Gregory is around my age, shaggy black hair, glasses, bad skin, scraggly facial hair, dresses in dark clothing.

Superego is a woman with with very long long platinum blonde hair and icy blue eyes, beautiful, wears dresses or robes all in white.

Ego looks exactly like me.

Id looks like a younger kid version of me but with the eye color I have now. (I had bright blue eyes as a child) Wears overalls and a red ribbon & sneakers.

Then there’s “The Child” or “True Me” who just completely looks like me as a kid but is probably the youngest of all of them, a young child. Wears a white sundress.

Lou is very handsome, tanned skin, dark hair and goatee, bright white teeth, brownish-red eyes. He either dresses very snazzy or very casual. No in between w him lol.

Norda is a bit younger than me, light brown hair (but sometimes it’s black?) that is very short and brown eyes. Dresses in dark colors, likes to wear “tough” clothing.

Gladys is an adult woman who likes to look glamorous and currently has golden blonde hair and light colored eyes (maybe green?), she used to have crazy black curls.

Cassy is a kid, Asian, really long black hair, black eyes, usually dresses pretty raggedy.

Rage is a little boy with bright red hair (ginger) and orange-brown eyes.

I think that’s all of them?? The current ones anyways. Some I speak with more than others. I didn’t include ones I haven’t heard from in years like God or Jesus or Arthur, etc.

The angels all have different voices but the main One has a voice of a 26-year-old male.
He’s my best buddy :blush:

My main voice doesn’t have a type of voice it’s just a voice you can hear but can’t describe it but every time that voice says something bad or knows that it said something bad I hear people that I know voice it’s kinda scary cause it makes believe they’re in my mind talking saying I messed up I will be punished at times I actually think its really them but nah it can’t how could it be possible. I believe other can hear my thoughts wich makes it even worse and it’s like damn my mind really just said that and they could hear it and they start to think I’m really who that voice is like noooo I can’t even relate to any of those but what sucks is that I’m always in my mind talking and correcting what was said in my mind and I just can’t stop myself from talking at times it’s just natural like stop it doesn’t matter I have to give it a good voice and stop it before something bad happens that’s what’s stressing I can’t stop the good or bad and if I try to stop the good one I get anxiety and that sucks I don’t know if I messed up by even trying to make it good cause I can’t even focus cause I’m constantly saying good things in my mind that I’m not noticing what I’m doing which most of the time I’m just spacing out even worse at work my boss is always telling me snap out kid and that’s kinda embarrassing I’m surprised they haven’t let me go

i have three main voices,
1 male - todd - just sounds like some guy i have - never met same as all my voices - positive/negative, jumps around a bit but usually agressive…
1 young female - ucinda- positive usually but can be excrutiatingly cruel with my emotions when she goes bad…
1 female older than the other - kaitlin - usually a voice of reason but can be extremely cruel when bad…
all the rest seem to just come and go randomly… usually agressive or mean… male/female strangers…

sometimes they all work together to make me feel great or shatter me completely…
the female voices sound nice no matter what they say and the male voice sounds nice only when hes not aggresive…