What do your voices sound like to you?

My voices to me remind me either as mentally challenged Demons or Aliens. It’s so very annoying it listen to as they bring up such odd things you wish you could swat them with something to shut them up. :stuck_out_tongue:


deities and angels or machines.

I don’t hear voices as such, I will hear someone call me when no one is there, and hear music from the fan or heating, and hear music and noises in my head.

I hear my kids voices when they aren’t here. My “others” sound like a bubbly young woman and a deep whispering man.

Well I don’t “hear” them as they’re telepathic. However they all have different energies. Demons have very dark and oily energies, it feels like it gets on you and you want to get it off but can’t do feel distressed and disgusted. Higher entities feel like love and warmth. Spirits that are neutral I just feel unsettled because it’s like knowing someone else is in the room but you can’t see them. I can feel the emotions of nonphsyical beings too. So for me it’s more about what do my voices feel like than sound like.

My voices, when I hear them, sound like a bunch of mumbling voices. Either that or it sounds like music. The same strains over and over.

Does the mumbling sound come from two different places like two different people mumbling to each other.

Male voice and cackling cartoon-like laughs or horror movie laughs. Or a calm female voice.

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female voice… yeueeueuuyueyyy

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