What does 'No replies' to a forum thread suggest?

Sometimes my brain stop working and I can’t come up with a good answer. Depends on what shape I’m in if I just read or if I also answer.

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At least not in this thread. :wink:


It suggests they don’t like you :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously Don’t take it personally.

Maybe you could change your thread names to things like free beer? :wink:

But I’m not sure if that would help, or get you blocked by admin/mod!

People like some posts and they don’t like others. Some posts are just relateble and strike a chord with people and some don’t. The dynamics are probably way more complicated than this but this is kind of the basic explanation. I can post something that I think is sheer genius and I think it shoud win a Pulitzer Prize but it won’t get any replies. That’s just the way it goes.


Same here at times. I often figure “too contrivertial/senative subject matter/drank too much”

Topics are hit and miss anyway…we have a couple extra layers in our forums onion…

Ironically, if someone ever could achieve this impossible state of perfection, it’s likely that very few people would tolerate him or her. For the perfect individual would be a constant reminder to all others of their shortcomings. Not to mention that they probably wouldn’t be much fun to be with. Who would really tolerate, let alone enjoy being with someone who was perfect?

(this link was given by SzAdmin)

do you agree with that quote @Plumber?

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Yes. Now I realize it does more harm than good.

Plumber, quit bringing back threads, oh my gawd.

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Racism is my new answer…

I thought I followed what the Site User’s Guideline said:

No Repeat Posts
If no-one answers your question, bump it rather than posting it again and please don’t post the same question in every forum, just the most appropriate one. Reading the same thing over and over again is the best way to annoy people and the worst way to get answers.


I think so. It is possible.

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No I was joking…how would they know…racism was a joke answer…


Oh, no…But it does happen in multi-cultural country like mine.

are you still looking for answers? idk, free to give and receive.

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New answers are welcome. But I think I have found the answer – perfectionism.

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Don’t know, honey, until you feel the failings.

Most people who visit forums read but don’t respond to threads - so if the thread or any given comment doesn’t really interest the small percent of users that usually comment on a thread, then it doesn’t get replied to. Its nothing to do with you - just that that specific topic doesn’t interest that small group of people. Not a big deal. People can’t reply to everything - they have other things going on in their lives and this forum is just one of the things they do.


People ■■■■ with your head when it comes to no or very few replies to a thread in my experience.
Ie if you make a thread saying you are upset about not getting many replies a lot of people decide to post on that thread to prove you are wrong, or that you can’t always expect people to reply to your threads stating reasons why. You are made to feel like a moaning twat for having said anything.
Then you post again and they’re back to not responding to your threads.
This forum is good in that respect. I’m rarely totally ignored when making a personal post.

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