There seems to be a problem

One of the most annoying things I find with the website itself is when you write a reply and cannot post it because the thread was locked while you were writing your reply.

This happened to me a few minutes ago. I spent a good 10 minutes writing a lengthy, thoughtful reply only to receive a message that said, and I’m paraphrasing, “there seems to be a problem.”

Can this be prevented?


No, sorry. The whole point of locking threads is to prevent new replies.

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Same thing has happened to me a few times,

I hate it too.

This happens to me… ALL THE TIME. So frustrating.

Once one of the mods gave a heads up so everyone could write something quick before the thread was closed. That was cool.

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I’m not sure how that can be prevented. Even if the forum software somehow allowed you to save your post content, you wouldn’t be able to post it once the thread is locked. And you can’t start a new thread to post it because “re-opening” locked topics (e.g., by starting a new related topic) is not allowed.

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Yeah, that was me, but that’s not practical as a general way of handling locking threads. Also, even in that case, when I locked that thread after giving a five minute warning, someone was in the middle of posting a reply when I locked it.


Yeah it happened to me a couple of times a few minutes ago.
Didn’t know what was happening.

Sorry for making a divisive topic. Maybe if it were favorite US presidents before 1900 it would be allowed. I don’t know.