Anyone see anything wrong

With ignoring the last comment on the thread,

and then going back and commenting on anyone else,

it should be a progressive accumulation,
and the last comment should be at least given a Like or a response.

I think people should feel free to respond to the posts that resonate with them, without feeling obligated to respond to or like any specific posts. Trying to force interaction tends to result in unnatural communication.


While I agree that it sucks to see one’s posts be ignored, I must admit I’m guilty of ignoring yours.
It’s not because I have anything against you as a person, or that I’m trying to exclude you.
Most of your posts just don’t make much sense to me, and there’s not much in them I feel I’d be able to reply to.

it’s an ongoing conversation, and if nothing is read or seen or acknowleged in the very last post, then the communication is lost, the thread is lost.

Sometimes, the conversation just goes in a different direction than you might expect it to go. It doesn’t mean the last poster did anything wrong, and the person who didn’t respond to them didn’t do anything wrong, either. It’s just how all conversations go. People respond to the things they feel they have a good response to. It is impossible to force people to come up with thoughtful responses to things they don’t fully understand or connect to. Trying to force them would make a lot of folks feel frustrated and pressured, and then they might stop posting altogether. That would truly stifle a thread.


What about people that are getting to the thread late? Why not let them respond to earlier posts as they’re working their way through? Why is that a bad thing?


but the alert is done for the current comment,

if you have nothing to follow or offer such as support or acceptance,

then you should have made your presence earlier.

That would seriously cut down on conversation around here and be really really boring.

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current comment deserves a response, especially on threads gone on days.

If you can’t make an effort, you just ignoreland.

I don’t mean to be rude, but maybe you should examine why you don’t get many responses.

Like I wrote, many of your posts don’t really seem to make sense. Some of them aren’t really relevant to the thread you post them in, either.

You can’t make people interact with you if you’re not willing to make an effort.

If they are halfway through the thread, why would they ignore everyone just so they can see the very most recent post? It doesnt make sense and it’s pretty rude to just ignore everyone. It also, depending on the thread, doesn’t give you needed backstory for where the thread is and has already been.

This is insane. I never meant to hurt anyone’s feelings!!! For crying out loud!!!

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can I call a schizophrenic crazy, I make sense every time I post. The very next response needs to be in tune, or making nothing of an effort.

Usually my last posts gets derailed from the original post, so why bothering to post a reply lol

I don’t think anyone thinks you meant any offense.

Your posts make sense to YOU.
I just don’t always see the relevance, and it’s hard to respond to a post I don’t really understand.

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I’m not totally out of my mind, and I hate to be accused of it,

give me a break, I’m saying, you follow a comment, with a comment.

@led. Thank you. 151515

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I think you’re making the mistake of assuming internet communication works like real-life communication.

When you post on forums, you’re throwing it out there for anyone to reply to if they want and when they want. There’s no norm anywhere I know of online that you should include a comment to the last post. I don’t even do that in group chats with people I know in real life.


perhaps relating to the orginal poster, then, and not all these side posters. but even then, they can’t keep up.