Zombie threads

Question, should all threads be closed 10 days after the last response? Like how lounge and now also bizarre belief threads are? I mean if they are going to be shut down anyways eventually why not just do so automatically? Or maybe extend it to 30 days after no responses if you really want to give it more time.


Yeah, this should definitely be considered. We’ve been seeing a lot of zombie threads lately. If people reply to really old threads, it’s no longer relevant or the OP may no longer even be active on the forum.

@SzAdmin. Bumping this suggestion up to you.


I am also in favor of this idea. People frequently get very upset when their zombie threads are revived.

Sometimes its okay to revive a thread like a month old but if you just closed the threads after ten days then it would just create it all threads have to be recreated which seems fair.

The one place threads shouldn’t auto close is meta, so we can track when a problem is recurring.

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I’m thinking maybe implementing 60-day autoclose for all categories except for lounge and unusual beliefs (which I think are already set to auto-close at 14 days) and leaving Meta with no auto-close.


I am in favor of this plan.