What does it mean to lack mental capacity?

I am deemed I lack capacity with my finances and have a court appointed person managing my benefits. If I were to lack capacity over my money does this mean I lack capacity over other things?

No, you’re just not very good at managing your finances.


It is possible that your intellectual disability also may show in other areas of live that would require higher intellectual functioning.

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this is what she wrote ’ My opinion is that Billy is unable to understand and use and weigh information related to financial matters and therefore does not have capacity to manage his own finances.

To my mind, having the appointee in place is a preventative strategy for Billy’s mental health. It reduces the stresses he might experience should he become subject to unmanageable debt and helps him keep his spending on alcohol within a reasonable limit.’’

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What happened to you when you were in control of your finances? What evidence is there, as that quote has no examples of why - except the alcohol …

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