Capacity assessment and Intellectual disability

I have a mental health tribunal seeing if they should keep me on the community treatment order. I didn’t attend but received the report today, they have kept me on the CTO for another year. In it they wrote…

‘‘Billy had also requested an updating capacity assessment in respect of the appointeeship as he wishes to manage finances himself. This was still ongoing but the psychologist undertaking the assessment had confirmed to the RC (pdoc) that she considered Billy definitely had a Intellectual disability, as for example, he could repeat things but not demonstrate an understanding of them’’

An appointeeship is somebody who manages my finances because they say I can’t… I don’t think I have a intellectual disability. They say I have a IQ of 69. Does this sound right?

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Also if I could ‘‘repeat things but not demonstrate an understanding of them’’ would this = to black and white thinking?

I would trust the mental health tribunal.
Also from what you said in other threads it was apparent even for many of us that you are not yet ready to manage your finances.


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