Deemed to lack capacity over finances

If you deemed to lack capacity over money and psychologist says I’m at the top level of my ability to understand finances/budgeting due to intellectual disability and this is further made worse when delusional/manic will social services ever let me manage my own money again. My community nurse will not get me second opinion for new psychologist.

You really hadn’t have pulled that stunt you did.

Kind of screwed yourself.

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I got my £900 from appointee for weekend away I asked for though so it worked.

But you lost control of all your other money,

Possibly for life.

Doesn’t sound like you won this battle.

I’m not so sure you should be in control of your finances judging from your posts here.

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They’ve been saying I lack capacity with my money for 5 + years and took control of it for that time. Last week when I took box of tablets they were refusing to pay for my weekend away so I kicked off and my kicking off worked as now they’ve paid for it.

That’s childish. And a good way to stay under their thumb.

That in itself shows why you need someone controlling your money.Someone better than your current appointee. £900 for a weekend away is ridiculous.

Its a weekend away to Whitby and Whitby is expensive.

appointee is social services financial department.

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