What does your mind sound like?

Since being diagnosed, the sounds in my head have changed. I constantly talk to someone in my head, and they usually respond, or I’ll assume their response and continue talking. Sometimes I get so lost in these conversations, I don’t realize I’m talking to someone who doesn’t exist.

Can you relate?

Your turn!


Yep I have mixed visual and auditart hallucinations focusing in a few people so I sometimes hear them without having to see them and I talk just as u would with “real people” if I’m alone but just think with them when I’m in public so they don’t get self conscious


When I was hospitalised, the doctor asked me if I heard voices, I said no. He then said do you have conversations in your head, and I said doesn’t everybody?

Now on meds, my mind is eerily quiet. No conversations, no anything really.


Which medication? Are you happier?

I talk to myself and tramp around rattling things around much as I do in my physical life. I get very tired by the end of the day - both wise.

Abilify. Yes happier.

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My head sounds a bit like when digital tv has interference - all glitchy and pops and bursts.

Hell no I don’t have it that bad but I used to

Sometimes I get commentary hallucinations, sometimes I have imaginary conversations in my head that I can’t control.

the 1s… telepathic subtitles to people’s glances and behind their speech

the 2s over head internal voices…

One that I don’t talk about much is the internal telepathy… there generally aren’t words to them but more like emotional responses to the things I say… like having a manga in the back of my head… my cousin appears when I’m practicing guitar… if I’m looking into x or y whoever tipped me off about it appears… It’s getting annoying now… it used to be the least bothersome symptom but the others have receded.

then the 3s. Constant misinterpretation and audiovisual hallucinations of people saying things that they didn’t really say.

they all come together to try and make me relapse all the time… but I don’t buy into it any more…

i’m trying to keep it in bat cave mode, i like the echo lol,

seriously though, i try and keep my head as open and as mindful as possible, i try and declutter as best i can but i do this by basically just passing all my problems on, i don’t need anything else dragging me down, i take meds and they help me as well, little to no symptoms