Do your voices say what you think they'll say - or not?

I hear a lot of voices, and sometimes, it seems like they just say what I think they’ll say. For example, if I anticipate hearing them say, “It’s okay,” then they might actually say that.

Do you experience this - or not? Do your voices talk independently of what you anticipate or do your expectations influence what they say? What are they like most of the time?

There is some sort of system between the voices and the rest of the brain that determines what they say.

When I used to have auditory hallucinations, usually it was people running up the stairs to my room and knocking incessantly. this would always happen right after I imagined it happening in my mind.

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Dude, madness that used to happen to me when I was younger.

It was always when I was laying in bed though, half conscious.

Same! Lol


It stopped eventually.

What I remember happening the last few times was I was actually listening to/misinterpreting my heart beat. The mind thought it was footstep and got scared, then the heartbeat elevated and it seemed like whoever was on the stairs was getting quicker.

I’m pretty sure in semi conscious states the brain isn’t in realtime any more. Time passes quicker, allowing a heartbeat to sound like accelerating footsteps.

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My voices play up my paranoia. Of being stalked
Lately I’ve been telling them that they’re liars and I refuse to think on it

My voices have highly intellectual word choices. No, I cannot anticipate what they say - when I do hear them sharply, my brain will sometimes cause a weird sensation in the brain that feels sorta good actually.

Sometimes my voices will just repeat my thoughts… sometimes it’s just chatter.

I know they follow my mood… when I’m manic… they will be positive and mind expanding…

When I’m flat and down… they will beat me up…

I don’t hear them nearly as much as I used to.