What do you want to be famous for?


I’d like to be recognized for working and not taking disability. I don’t want fame but wealth I’d take.


i would be happy if i could get through a day with dropping food on the sofa.lol


I don’t want to be famous but I want to be well-known and respected in my field (cybersecurity). Plus, I want to help other women start careers in information technology.


Nowadays there are tons of small companies and builders making effects pedals for guitar. Wish I knew how to design and build my own pedals.


I’d like to be famous for music. But I’d also like to be famous for medical discoveries especially relating to how the brain works. Or I’d like to be an advocate for mental health.


Beating Wilt Chamberlain’s, Gene Simmons and Elvis’s record.


Musician to the sort of Slash (guns n roses, velvet revolver) dude
Something like that. The way he plays basic chords and pieces it together is so beautiful.


Omg I also thought I was famous but more to empower the youth and women’s rights then for the money really. I thought when I sang along famous people like Beyonce and lady gaga I could actually be heard by them or them hear or see me. It is hilarious ha. But I do right songs and sing.


Writing amazing fiction novels


If I am ever famous I want it to be for a positive reason.


I don’t want fame but am passionate about the sz and mental health community. I like the idea of public speaking about my experience and work, but am yet to master it. I’d like to improve my writing skills as well so that I can help others.


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