The pdoc was just too simple

Did you ever notice how they had a black and white answer for everything. So simple and so untrustworthy.

Don’t ask them black and white questions.

He did the asking of questions = and they were black and white questions.

Perhaps his mind is colorblind.

I’m not being funny. I believe, that subconsciously, doctor does not want us to get well, because his money and survival depends on people thinking he is needed.


Maybe he feels that it’s a lost cause because that’s what he was taught in school and is just going through the motions. Something that most doctors agree on is that mental illness is incurable, only manageable with pills.

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We have sz. We are locked in for life. If he were gas lighting someone he would probably be trying to fool someone that doesn’t really require his services.
Also, what do you mean by “black and white questions”? I have a lot of those with my pdoc, but they have never bothered me. Maybe I am just a black and white person.

I know what you mean. There is a one sentence answer to everything in your life. Why not get a psychologist also. They are much better to talk to.

Doctors want sick patients - this is their bread and butter. Well or recovered patients are of no use to most physicians.
After all they have to make a buck - It is capitalism at its finest

There really isn’t any alternative to capitalism though.

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I’m pretty sure all my pdoc was interested in was the nice perks the pharmaceutical company give them in exchange for prescribing their pills.
All expenses paid trips to hawaii for a week, bonus money, even vehicles…

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mine doesnt do that ■■■■. He asks me questions that are relevant and is not just a robot. He seems to respect me for being smart and studying behavioral neuroscience. He knows about my personal stuff. He respected me even when I was symptomatic and noncompliant with meds because I was highly functioning and he pointed out that I was not going to function all that much higher with meds and that they might even make me function less highly and sedate me. He is no ■■■■■■■■. He’s great.

My doctor is no ■■■■■■■■ either. She is no nonsense and gets to the point with my meds. My last pdoc was more like a therapist. She had a limited amount of experience with psych meds it seemed. Plus she sugar coated everything - bullshitted me like there was no tomorrow

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But at our expense? Psychiatrists treating severe mental illnesses are not so much capitalists it seems. The big money is in Dermatology and Cardiology and such

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Well they still make plenty of money, believe me. I think that the profession attracts more analytic problem-solver type people, also people who are willing to take on more risk in the treatments of their patients- dermatology is less risky (just apply this cream) and cardiology is extremely lucrative. I went to a fancy private high school and the kids who’s dads were cardiologists had mansions and 80k dollar sports cars. Home theaters and swimming pools, bars inside their houses, backyards the size of pubic parks, ect.

Again I agree with you @mortimermouse - I always seem to be agreeing with you. This tells me that you are a very bright guy :wink:


The docs that make me cringe are the plastic surgeons.

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Yes J - like I said Dermatologists/Plastic Surgeons make a fortune, and they make me cringe too

I’ve always heard that pdocs and therapists go into the field to try and solve their own problems.

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Thats true, my pdoc hates me when i ask him to reduce the dose of my medication just a little, he always try to lower it much so that i will go into psychosis and from that day on i will be submissive to him. Any time i tell him about my symptoms he doesn’t say anything, he only listens and prescribes my medication and i am out of office. Its been 3-4yrs. I see him and i never had conversation with him.