Getting paid to hurt people

That gets very real. My teen doctor was definitely psychotic.

to beautiful chordy,
i have had doctors like that, but they are bullies and immature individuals.
take care

I had a doc who put every thing to my SZ…

Doc, I’m getting tired these days… (That’s your SZ)
Doc, I’m also feeling a sore throat coming on… (That’s your SZ)
Doc, My skin feels itchy a lot lately… (That’s your SZ)
Doc, I think I have a fever… (That’s your SZ)

Three day’s later… Chicken pox. Doc, these red dots are NOT SZ. You are no longer my Doc. My entire seven person family dropped him. I hope he noticed the reduction in income…


That is the kind of post I hate to post, but sometimes they just burst out of me from dire frustration.

:frowning: that sounds icky. i thought this was going to be a post about hit men or something but this is terrible! i hope you never have to go though that again. And i think its good to get off your chest if bringing the subject to light helps it to be less maddening or painful.

I’ve had similar with UK gps. It’s the old 'It must be something to do with your mental illness ’ response. Is it any wonder those with severe mental illness die 10-20 years prematurely on average?

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